Like most shooters I’m a big fan of Glocks. Ease of maintenance, spare
parts and reliability make it a no brainer. So when SureFire came
out with the new XC-1 light I figured a new G19 was the answer.

Like a lot of people I have a list of mods I like to do to my
Glocks to make them more comfortable for me. Night sights, mag
release and slide stop are easy fixes. But the more important part
for me is a little grip work. Usually this means mailing off the
frame and waiting for up to six weeks for some of the bigger name

I decided to try out a little known place in South Austin called H
& N Arms. Plus side for me is they’re local and the turn around
time was really short. All I needed done was removing the finger
grooves, undercutting the trigger guard and stippling the front and
back straps. Since I appendix carry any texture on the sides can
really tear up your skin and also make your cover garment get some
weird snags.

Glock 19 with Grip Work

Glock 19 with Grip Work

Turn around time from the guys at H & N was about a week. Work came
out perfect. Undercut is the perfect length and smoothed out.
Finger grooves were removed and the front strap is straight with no
deformations. Texture to both front and back straps is aggressive
enough to get a good grip but smooth enough that it won’t cause
weird snags in cover garments. It’s now possible to get a good
high grip and shoot all day with no Glock knuckle. H & N offers a
wide variety of Glock modifications. So if your looking to modify a
new pistol or update an old one give them a look.

I highly recommend Glock grip work by H&N arms.

Glock 3

Glock grip work by H&N Arms

Glock grip work by H&N Arms



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