Diamondback DB9 Review

The purpose of this post is too present my experiences with the Diamondback DB9 pistol. I know there seems to be some unhappy shooters out there with this gun and I’m sorry you got a bad one. I just wanted to let people know not everybody hates the thing.

First off it is mind boggling how small the thing is. Only a smidgen bigger than my Smith 380 Body Guard and Ruger LCP with laser. The slide serrations are nice as the tiny little slide has a pretty stiff spring in it. I have to rack it for some female shooters. It’s smaller than both my Keltec PF9 and Ruger LC9. It holds 1 less round but for the size difference I don’t see that as a setback. The trigger is smooth and fairly short and breaks at I’m guessing somewhere in the 5-6 lb range, it is NOT a hindrance to accurate shooting. Quite to the contrary I shoot better than I do with either the Keltec or Ruger 9mm’s. Hitting paper plates at 20-25 yards is easy to do. So more than accurate enough for defensive carry. It does not have a slide lock but I don’t see that as the end of humanity either.

Firing: So far like 5 trips to the range with the DB9, 200 rounds total. I’ll update when I hit the 1000 round mark but for now I have had zero malfunctions of any kind. NONE!! Perfect so far. It’s accurate and I really like it. I have tried common ball ammo, Hornady Critical Defense (my fav) and heavier 147 grain +P stuff, I know, I know! I don’t recommend anybody do that and the manufacturer says DON’T but it seems to be ok although I wouldn’t make a steady diet out of it. Besides that within 30 rounds of +p or hotter 147 grain stuff and my hand is bleeding all over everything at my thumb webbing. It’s just plain rude to your hand. Stick with ball for practice and those Critical Defense 115 grain are pleasant to shoot and SO accurate. So like I said folks, I love the thing.

So to wrap up: KEEP YOUR MAG CLEAN!! I suspect a lot of trouble comes from that. I read to pay extra care to it and I do, no problems either. Like I said it will handle +p but I certainly am not going to say do it. I did but maybe I’m a moron 🙂 I’ll see by the 1000 round mark I’m sure. So far so good, it certainly is pleasant to carry. I probably have 40ish handguns and while it’s not my bedside stand gun she does make her way into my pocket often when I walk out the door. Since I hit the 200 round mark I haven’t carried my Smith Bodyguard since.

Good luck if you buy one and thanks for reading.

By: Cary Kieffer

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Cary Kieffer

USMC Infantry/Combat Veteran - Med Retired LEO/8yrs.

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2 Responses to Diamondback DB9 Review

  1. Cary Kieffer says:

    Ok I’ve spent some more time with the little thing and its just the 124 grain ammo. I have still had zero malfunctions with 115 grain. For whatever reason it will fail to go into battery with 124 grain ball and stove pipes with 124 grain hollowpoint…stick with cheapy 115 grain ball to practice and 115 grain Critical Defense from Hornady and in my experience there have been no problems.

  2. Cary Kieffer says:

    1/12/12 Update. Well I’ve hit the 500 round mark anyways. So far I have been trouble free with 115 grain ammo whether it be the ball stuff for practice or the 115 Critical Defense Hornady for carry. I will say the pistol is currently “off duty” due to since recently using a descent amount of 124 grain ammo there have been some issues. I just want to be sure the issue is with the ammo and not the pistol itself. Seems 124 grain ball from American Eagle will seize that slide up like theres no tommorow..I actually have to bang on the slide with a block of wood to get it into battery, then fire the round, unload and clear…theres NO gettin the slide had to be forced forward..I didnt like the idea but I didnt like the idea of transporting a charged pistol with a live round almost in the chamber home either..between the 2 I decided to hit the slide forward and get her empty on the firing line where I could safely do it pointed down range. Additionally 124 grain Golden sabres from Remington have stovepiped about 4 times in 25 rounds of ammo….fed ok but are not ejecting. Look for my video on TGR here with me firing the DB9 compared to a 50 cal Desert Eagle…while it doesnt look like much the DB9 is very snappy and stings a bit, you’ll notice I reaquire my grip after most shots…where in comparison the 50cal is actually a duller “push” and not at all uncomfortable. Quite tame really for the size of the cartridge. Thanks for watching. Further updates to come as I figure out the DB9 and ammo troubles. Thanks for watching. Cary

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