Today I want to be quick, just a rundown on some “cheap” 7.62/308 ammo I bought to try. I mean cheap by todays standards not by what we remember not all that long ago. For 10 bucks a box out the door though I was quite pleased. I just wanted to pass on results to guys and gals who may be either not shooting due to cost or can’t find anything they are used to shooting. These were both new brands to me and I am happy with them.

20130728_14002620130728_134704So neither are new of course. Both have been around many years. I just personally never bought them before our current ammo shortages. With “good” 308 ball ammo either out of stock or 70 cents to one dollar a round and Match ammo even worse I decided to give some mil surplus stuff from Portugal and Brown Bear from Russia a try, both new to me.

I will just let the groups do the talking today. NOTHING to complain about here at all. I think the biggest group all day was about 2 inches. I fired 80 rounds total. (40 of each) I had no jams, stuck cartridges, misfires, nothing…Perfect track record with both kinds. At 50 cents a round it’s worth 20$ for you to get a box of each and try them out. At least you got to the range, I’m glad I did. Both have been available around here regularly, so if you see either don’t be afraid to try a box.20130728_13473520130728_140203

As always thanks for reading and train often.

By: Cary Kieffer



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