There are stores near you that provide military wear and equipment for the general public to use. These are highly useful for firearm enthusiasts. As you prepare your list, here are the four items to look for at a military surplus store near you.


Backpacks are sought-after items every hiker, backpacker, and disaster prepper could use to keep their supplies organized and ready to go when tragedy strikes. Whether you face emergencies or simply use a bag for a trip, you’ll like the convenience of extra pockets to keep your gear, such as a pocket knife, firearms, and firearm accessories, stowed in one location.

Preparedness Gear

Time is sensitive if you want to be ready for emergencies. You might want to stock up on non-perishable foods and have the right gear to get out of a disaster safely. Surplus stores sell equipment to prepare you and your family for any event. You can find different things at the store, even a radiacmeter. This machine measures radiation in a specific area when you attach it to a car.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are necessary for every situation requiring you to be outdoors 24/7. If you haven’t built a medical kit yet, taking a trip to the surplus store could help you get started. You can find the basics, including Band-Aids, gauze wrap, and medications. Keep your eye out for vacuum-sealed bandages to use for severe wounds.

Tactical Gear

While tactical gear is great to have, it can be hard to come by for firearm enthusiasts. And some people believe in the common tactical gear misconception that it’s only for armed forces. However, many use this type of gear, including everyday civilians looking to stay safe on the job or while traveling. Furthermore, tactical gear complements firearm-related activities well. Gear like bullet-proof vests, rope, and specialty survival knives are available to everyone.

Keep yourself informed on the items you could find at a military surplus store; you’ll be surprised at what you come across. Prepare yourself and others by shopping smart when planning out the best gear to buy for everyday use.

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Dianne Pajo

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