I don’t particularly care for drop-leg holsters, but I like to have a pistol handy. So what to do if you want to be able transition to your handgun? If you own and carry a Beretta, you can mount a Serpa S.T.R.I.K.E. platform to your chest, but I tend to stick with my trusty SIG P226. Sometimes I like to carry the HK USP or 9mm pistols I’ve been sent for testing. so a model-specific holster isn’t the best option for me. Thankfully, I found the Raine Canted MOLLE Tactical Holster.

It fits perfectly onto the chest of my Spartan II armor carrier, matches it in color (though you can also get it in Black, ACU or Multicam) and doesn’t break your piggy bank. It’s made of heavy, durable nylon right here in the USA. No need to worry about supporting China when buying this product. I’ve had the Raine Canted holster on my armor setup for a couple of years now, and have had ample opportunity to test it. 

When using the Raine holster, I tend to have it in one of two modes. The first is a storage mode, with the retention strap buckled down over the back of the SIG, locking it nicely in place. This is particularly useful if I’ve got my armor on while moving through uneven terrain. I’d hate to take a spill on a hillside and have my pistol go bouncing down the rocks.

If I’m anticipating transitioning to my handgun (seriously, this only ever happens when I’m practicing at the range), then I simply use one hand to release the elastic-covered buckle and clip it onto the shoulder clip on my armor carrier. While the Raine holster is designed for the military to use with a M9 pistol, it can be used with a wide variety of other handguns. I removed the tension screw for a more snug fit for my SIG P226. The holster almost completely encases the pistol, with only the rear sights sticking out.

Placement of your pistol on the chest of your armor has its advantages. The Raine holster is incredibly easy to draw from, even while seated in a cramped vehicle. It allows for rapid transitions, as this video of a bumbling firearms enthusiast (me) clearly shows:

I recommend the Raine holster t anyone who wants to mount their pistol to an armor setup.

-By Allen Cosby

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53GR is an avid shooter, hiker and tinkerer. Introduced to guns at an early age, the hobby became a passion in his early twenties. After two years in Iraq as a contractor for a defense company, he developed an unhealthy addiction to military surplus gear. Though he's currently in treatment, the prognosis is that the condition is chronic.

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