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British Tactical 3-Row Hippo Belt and Yoke – Field Testing

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been testing British Tactical’s 3-Row Hippo belt. I’m continually impressed at how much I can put onto the Hippo belt and Yoke Webbing system. At present, it’s about 30 pounds. When I pick it up, I think, “Damn, that’s heavy.”

Then I put it on. The Hippo belt and yoke spread the weight so well about my body that I hardly feel it. Mostly, it stays on my hips, but the yoke helps redistribute some of the burden to my shoulders, especially when I’m moving.



British Tactical 3-Row Hippo Belt and MOLLE Yoke – Initial Impressions

British Tactical Hippo Belt

After my review of the Multi-Purpose MOLLE Panel, I’ve been coveting a Hippo belt. The fine folks at British Tactical sent me one of their Three-Row Hippo MOLLE Belts and a matching yoke. The Hippo belt is the similar to the battle belt concept, but there are significant differences. This product combination is what put British Tactical on the map with soldiers of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. As covered in the previous article, the Brits have long carried their kit about their waists, usually in their PLCE webbing. The PALS-covered Hippo belt is the latest evolution of this concept.


British Tactical MPMP – Adaptability from the Isles

MPMP micro chest rig

We usually think of the British Isles as a place of tradition, but the family-owned company British Tactical is developing some interesting and innovative products.  Their flagship piece of piece of kit is called the Multi-Purpose MOLLE Platform, or MPMP for short. It is designed to be used in several different configurations. You can wear it as a satchel, as a drop-leg platform, or as a chest rig.


Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper – MOLLE Attachment Evolution

After the slight trouble I ran into with the Ten-Speed  mag pouches on the BELTminus, I went with a different design. However, I was quite impressed with both the strength and the lightweight nature of the Ten-Speed products. Feeling that they simply needed a firm platform, I placed them on my old Spartan II armor carrier. These two pouch sets replaced a Condor Kangaroo triple mag pouch.


BELTminus by Blue Force Gear

As I spend more time carrying my gear in the woods, I find myself drawn to a belt-and-suspenders type of setup. There’s a place for chest rigs, but bulging pouches stuffed with magazines (and everything else under the sun) can be a drag. The weight slows you down, saps your strength and reminds you how out of shape you are. Lots of gear on your chest can also press in on your rib cage, making labored breathing on the trail more difficult.


Camouflage Accessories for Armor

Flecktarn is an excellent camouflage pattern for temperate climates such as the one I live in. As stated in a previous article, I highly recommend surplus German gear in this pattern for its utility and low cost. However, there aren’t a lot of armor options for the Flecktarn pattern. So what do you do if you want to wear body armor and Flecktarn?


Raine Canted MOLLE Tactical Holster

I don’t particularly care for drop-leg holsters, but I like to have a pistol handy. So what to do if you want to be able transition to your handgun? If you own and carry a Beretta, you can mount a Serpa S.T.R.I.K.E. platform to your chest, but I tend to stick with my trusty SIG P226. Sometimes I like to carry the HK USP or 9mm pistols I’ve been sent for testing. so a model-specific holster isn’t the best option for me. Thankfully, I found the Raine Canted MOLLE Tactical Holster.


Budget Tactical Gear Setup

Today I want to go over some tactical gear, nothing in particular, just some thoughts on harness’s,  armor and what I have called for years “deuce gear”. (the Marine Corps slang term) Pictured is some old deuce gear from way back before my time. My Grandfathers era. While it has changed the uses are still the same. Trying to carry all of that junk and employ it as efficiently as we can.