My dad’s 22-250 he built in 1966 Sako short action mated to a Pre 64 Winchester stainless target barrel originally chambered in 220 Swift.  A guy ordered it, changed his mind and my dad bought it off of him for 15 bucks! Cut it down to 22″ and rechambered in 22-250.  The stock was made by him from a blank and as he put it “I just kept widdling away until it felt right”  Action is glass bedded and he cut a channel in the forearm and glass bedded an aluminum rod to keep it from warping.  Finish is handrubbed Tung Oil that has has numerous refinishes by him over the years.

All these years later and it still shoots .5″ 200 yard groups.

His handloads have been 63g Sierra sofpoints over a max load.

A few years ago, after he had sold off all of his reloading gear he asked me to help him work up some loads for it.  I couldn’t locate the 63 Sierras and got some 65s, worked up some loads of Varget and they were all over the place.  We were quite perplexed and upon examing the target realised they were keyholing..   I ordered some 63s and did some research, turns out the barrel had a 1-14 twist, he always thought it had a 1-12, he told me had he known it was a 1-12 he would have never tried the 63s as he didn’t think they would stabalize it.  Sometimes you just get lucky, and I easily worked up a load that was cutting one ragged hole.

The year this gun was brought to camp it took 18 deer as everyone wanted to shoot it.  It has since taken an untold # of deer, hogs, coyotes, turkey headshots, you name it.

In our family, this gun is legend.  In his hands, almost 40 years later,  nothing is safe.
People get caught up on caliber selection, some will say a 22-250 is “marginal for deer”.

His take was you take your time, put the bullet where it needs to go and deer just aren’t that hard to kill.  He taught us to pass on the shot if it wasn’t right, to “squeeze” the trigger and to “watch it drop in the scope”

Good lessons learned at an early age have paid off and we are passing on the traditions.

Here’s to you dad!  Looking forward to many more years in the field with you.

My dad and his dad, around 1935

Dad in 1969 with a typical South Texas buck

Dad in 2007 on a hog hunt in North East Texas

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