We have tested quite a few Griffin Armament products over the last few years and they have all performed very well. I like their story too, two brothers, both vets starting their own business, working hard and succeeding, it’s the America we all grew up loving and appreciating. In the age of big corporations it is very nice to see the “little guy” succeed.

Today, we take a look at the RSTA. This is a 30 cal silencer that is a reflex type meaning that the silencer comes back over the barrel which shortens the overall length but still allows for enough internal volume to do a good job at sound suppression while reducing back pressure into the rifle. It’s a full size 9″ can but when mounted to the brake it adds about 5″ in front of the muzzle. There are internal ports that allow for the gas to come back into the air space around the brake, behind the muzzle.



Diameter: 1.47’’
Overall Length: 9.5’’
Length Added: 5.4’’
Weight: 21 ounces
Materials: High strength, high temp, corrosion resistant 17-4ph Stainless Steel
Attachment: OTB Mounts
DB Attenuation: 31DB (16″ 308) (36-40db 18″ 556) (39db 300blk 12″)
Finish: High Temp Griffin Endura-Kote
Full Auto Rated: Yes


7.62mm OTB Muzzle Brake Mount Included


I installed the brake on my 18″ Wilson Combat 308 which I thought would make a good test platform for the Griffin Armament RSTA.  I did not bother timing the brake as I wasn’t planning on shooting it un-suppressed.

What matters to me most is repeat-ability with regards to point of impact (POI).  I did several tests taking the suppressor on and off and the POI remained consistent.  I did have a bit of a high shift (around an inch) but was consistent and group size was under an inch and I was not “shooting for groups” so to speak.


We took it out for a hunt and I let my son David run with it.  He did a short in the field video.


I would definitely consider this silencer, especially for use on something like a 308 gas gun.  Full auto rated and you could put a lot of rounds down range in a hurry with a high degree of accuracy.  I also like the taper mount style interface that Griffin uses as they have proven to very reliable for lockup and accuracy.  I had several other 30 cal silencers out when I was testing this one and sound reduction was about the same as the others.  Being shorter than the other full size units makes the RSTA very appealing.

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