Sig Sauer SP2022 9mm Review

I had the opportunity last weekend to spend a good deal of time and ammo shooting a friend’s new Sig Sauer SP2022 in 9mm. The model tested was equipped with SigLite sights, retails for $566.00 and was purchased at Academy Sports & Outdoors for $499.99. The SP2022 has a 3.9″ barrel, 4.4 lb trigger pull in single-action and 10.0 lb in double-action, 15-round magazine capacity in 9mm (12-round in 40S&W). The frame and slide are similar to most polymer-frame pistols, but where the SP2022 stands out from the standard Glock and Springfield XD(m) offerings is that it comes standard with a SA/DA (single-action/double-action) trigger group, which can be replaced with a DAO (double-action only) trigger group. I like single-action/double-action pistols because in my opinion it provides for a more precise shooting platform with a lighter single-action pull. In order to get a similar trigger pull in a Glock or XD you must essentially bypass one of the central safety features of the striker-fired pistol design, which is the long, heavy double-action style trigger pull. You also can easily tell when the SP2022 is in single-action mode by looking at or feeling the hammer position, and it also is equipped with a decocker, thereby decreasing the risk of accidental discharge.My initial expectation was for it to be significantly less appealing to shoot than other Sig’s that I have previously shot.

The most recent Sig Sauer pistol that I have owned was a P229 Elite Stainless which was a dream to shoot, especially with Sig’s SRT (Short Reset Trigger). I could not find any information on whether the SP2022 is equipped with the SRT but it does have a very short and crisp reset. To say that I was pleasantly surprised with the SP2022’s shooting dynamics is a severe understatement, aside from the considerable weight difference (40.2 oz for the P229 vs. 29.0 oz for the SP2022) they are almost identical guns to shoot.We had setup several Shoot-N-C targets and several target clay holders at 25-30 yards and I was able to comfortably hit target clays and 4″ targets. Due to weather and the presence of other shooters at the range I was unable to shoot for groups, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to in the next couple weeks. This pistol has fired around 300 rounds of various types of ammo, including Winchester White Box, Tulammo (steel cased) and self-defense rounds for zero check and has had zero malfunctions.

Sig Sauer SP2022

Sig Sauer SP2022

 In summary, I would highly recommend the Sig Sauer SP2022 as a full-size carry, training or competition pistol. It is a near perfect combination of affordability and quality, and would be an ideal pistol for a new shooter to learn on. It is safe, simple to operate, affordable and is an accurate and dependable pistol that will present few roadblocks to learning good technique as many cheaper pistols do.

Sig-Sauer look and feel, natural shooting dynamics. Available factory night sights and optional DAO firing mechanism. Smooth, crisp trigger break and short reset make firing quick strings a breeze.

Lower magazine capacity than many newer polymer pistols at 15 rounds for 9mm (compared to 17-19 for Glock, XDm, etc.).

Great reputation, reliable quality and durability.

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10 Responses to Sig Sauer SP2022 9mm Review

  1. b g. usa(ret) says:

    Wife. Loves me “2022” much. Can’t wait to get home and field strip it. Almost on par with my 1911 just more Rounds. would take either Into bad places. And not worry about “Murphy”. Tagging along. Hum she must love me.

  2. Tony Roberts says:

    I just purchased the Sig 2022 9mm and between three different people it shoots about 8 inches low at 15 yards. I shot the Winchester 115 grain fmj . after 200 rounds it got more accurate. Do you have any suggestions on the gun or bullets. Plz text me back at 8634278328

  3. TriggerJunkie says:

    I have two of these pistols…one fully black and the other a two-tone model…both in 9mm. At least 1500 rounds have been fired between the two of them, a mix of FMJ, JHP, SJHP, and frangible ammo, and both guns have had NOT ONE misfire, FTF, or FTE! Accuracy is very good as well with 2-3″ groups at 12 yards being the norm, especially with Hornady XTP 124-gr rounds.

    Get one, or like me…TWO! Do it! Do it NOW!

  4. mike says:

    I have a sp2022 so far great pistol

  5. Song Ben Hai Ma says:

    I started carrying a hand gun in 1969, I have Colts and Brownings,
    mostly Colt O-frames such as the Government models and the Browning
    P-35(Hi-power). Recently I decided to buy everyone in my family
    a pistol and get then into going to the local shooting range.

    For this, after careful consideration I decided on the SP2022
    in 9mm, and for some of the ladies..the Beretta Storm Sub-compact.
    Everone is totaly taken by these pistols.

    We are so pleased with these SP2022(s) that now we are buying
    more for our BOL ( Bug Out Location )

    Of more than a dozen SP2022 9mm we have experenced no problems !
    I do suggest the Sig-Lite sights. I you have or buy the SIG Sauer
    SP2022 9-b they come with contrast sites, For about $110 you can replace the Contrast sites. As many as my family has, I have bought
    Sig’s Site tool, extra sites, and fireing assembly..etc
    Ofter I will buy the SP2022 9-b(s) and replace the sites and
    the recoil spring rods with Stainless steel ones..these are about
    If you are looking for quality at a low price…this weapon deserves
    your sincer consideration. Also the sites on this gun at set at point-of-aim, Not the 6 o’cloch position. I like that fact also.

    My recomendation is..Get one and you might end up buying several!

    Best Regards To You
    Song Ben Hai Ma/River Ben Hai Ghost(Viet~Nam)

  6. Jay Hiddinga says:

    I got my 9 mm SP2022 in August and have shot at least 50 rounds a week through it since then. My first semiauto pistol. The Sig fit my hand (large grips) and came right up to near perfect sight alignment immediately, unlike the Glocks and Ruger. I recently put a LaserLyte V3 mini laser, which helped dusktime accuracy. After nearly 1000 rounds, including several hundred cheap steel case and aluminum rounds, I have never had a misfeed or misfire. Gun shoots better than I can. Yesterday evening/at dusk I shot 5 different 5 round groups at 8 yards that measured under 2″ at the widest spread. Before fine tuning the laser. At the steel plate range, 12 yards on 4″ plates, I didn’t miss once in 25 shots. I then shot plates while moving laterally, not stopping to sight but shooting on the move, I would shoot 6, reload, shoot 6 more rounds. Out of 24 shots doing this I missed 2. Very impressed with a well made, finely tuned shooting machine. Its performance speaks for itself.

  7. J. Morgan says:

    I’ve been waiting to read someone’s opinion on which is a better pistol: the Walther PPQ or the Sig SP2022? They both get great reviews but which one is the most reliable? I’m going to get one of them.

  8. Alex Scammel says:

    There are newly available Mec-Gar “Plus Two” magazines that bolster the capacity of the SP2022 to 17 rounds.

    • TriggerJunkie says:

      I have several of these Mec Gar mags for my two SP2022 and can say they run FLAWLESSLY! Get some while you can!

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