Savage Model 10 review

Several years ago on a whim I bought a Savage Model 10, in caliber .243 Winchester. The main reason I decided on this rifle was the price and I had always wanted a .243. The first hunting season I owned it, I decided to deer hunt with it and endured much razzing from my hunting buddies about hunting with a “pop gun”. I have had to occasion since that first year to take a 10 point buck, a really nice 8 point, a doe and two boar hogs with this ” little rifle “. ( All one shot kills) Remington 100 grain “core-lokt seem to work best in it. It was equipped with a Simmons ” Blazer scope (3-9x-40), an accu-trigger, sling studs and a synthetic stock when it was purchased. It was on the paper at 50 yards out of the box. After sighting in at 100 yards, I fired a three shot group that could be covered with a dime. The scope has the clearest optics of any scope I have ever owned. Every year before hunting season I check my zero and it’s always right on. In short this rifle is light, rugged, dependable and I love it. After several years of hard use, the only complaint is the padded rubber butt, which has tears and a couple of chunks missing due to the extremely soft material being used. Somewhere in the years of bouncing around on a four wheeler, the Savage enblem on the pistol grip butt has detached and been lost. The defects are all cosmetic and this rifle still does its job. Anyone wanting a good rifle for the money cannot go wrong with a Savage Model 10.

By: Robert Taylor

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