NRA Convention Houston 2013

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Tactical Gun Review sent four editors to the 2013 NRA Convention in Houston, Texas to visit sponsors and check out the new gear. ┬áThe convention was a huge success with over 86,000 shooting enthusiasts in attendance. ┬áNOT present were any of those pesky protesters – this is Houston after all, not Seattle.

The Annual Banquet and Auction Thursday night was a blast! Unfortunately, none of our raffle dreams came true but we did enjoy the tremendous fellowship of being in the company of so many shooters and hunters! Stay tuned for more detailed product reviews.


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Publisher of Tactical Gun Review. Managing partner of Coker Tactical. I love hunting for Texas whitetail deer, wild hogs, and high-volume Argentina dove. When not hunting you can find me fishing along the Texas Coast or on a wild Colorado river.

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2 Responses to NRA Convention Houston 2013

  1. Mike Coker says:

    Cary, I handled the XDS 9. They had a handful out on the floor. Rumor was June to hit your local dealer. Very sweet gun for sure! I talked to a Springfield production line tech and he said people are already crying out for a .40.

    No intel on the Pulsar. They were really being represented by a dealer type – it wasn’t a factory booth so we did not spend much time there.

  2. Cary Kieffer says:

    So it does exist?? The fabled XDS 9mm?? Did you actually see one or just the nice display?? I saw it won the 2013 Handgun of the Year. I paid for one over a year ago and neither myself or my dealer has ever actually found one for sale. It will be a happy day when that baby hits the shelves. I’m number one on the list at my local shop to receive one and I bet it’s every bit as sweet as the 45acp is.

    On the Pulsar pic, does anybody remember what kind of recorder they had the video out cord going to?? I see the cord…but was it a smart phone, computer, camcorder or the 640 DVR?? I ask because I haven’t been able to find a cord that goes from my Pulsar 750 to any recording device I have. Thanks.

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