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AAC Model 7 300 Blackout

The AAC Model 7 300 Blackout rifle is breaking my heart.  It reminds me of the hot new girl in town that everyone is after who turned out to be hard to live with.

The AAC Model is essentially a Remington Model 7 fitted with the AAC .30 caliber barrel.  It is a short, lightweight, cool little gun that I really want to like (a lot).  Specifications:


NRA Convention Houston 2013

Trijicon VCOG

Tactical Gun Review sent four editors to the 2013 NRA Convention in Houston, Texas to visit sponsors and check out the new gear.  The convention was a huge success with over 86,000 shooting enthusiasts in attendance.  NOT present were any of those pesky protesters – this is Houston after all, not Seattle.

The Annual Banquet and Auction Thursday night was a blast! Unfortunately, none of our raffle dreams came true but we did enjoy the tremendous fellowship of being in the company of so many shooters and hunters! Stay tuned for more detailed product reviews.


From Collector to Prepper Pt. 2 The 22 Long Rifle.

By: Cary Kieffer

Goodmorning, I certainly am not the first guy to go over this but I am the first guy on TGR, so today we will discuss the pro’s/con’s of the 22 long rifle in case “the world as we know it” comes to an end. Is the 22 a necessity for a prepper? I think so.


Remington 700 Target Tactical 308 Review

This time I want to talk about my relatively new Remington 700 Target Tactical 308 rifle. I got it home from gunbroker for a tad over 1250$ It’s long and heavy but certainly up to the task for military or law/enf precision shooting.