Just shot my Beretta PX4 Storm today. I had shot one before but it was a police trade in and well used.  Mine is a Full size Beretta PX4 Storm, in .45 ACP. I put 100 rounds through it today. Not one jam, misfire, or problem. It shot a tad low so I had to drop the rear of the gun a little, then It was dead on. Given the twist of the barrel, vs. tilt and drop of the barrel, there was less deviation from the target. Plus, the recoil was that of a 9 mm. 

Anyway, this is one of the best handguns I ever owned. Plus it was so easy to clean.  This handgun should be in every house, in the hands of each police dept and in every branch of the service.

Everything was perfect on this gun: Recoil, handgrip, accuracy, high capacity, and the price (about $575 street).

By: John Martin

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