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I have owned many multi tools in my life, but the Leatherman MUT is by far my favorite of all the ones that I have owned, it was specifically designed to be used with AR style rifles but can be used with all firearms and frankly anything you would use a multi tool on.  I have always kept a multi tool in gun bag but none of them has been as useful as the MUT when it comes to gun maintenance,  I have used this multi tool to not only clean guns but also to assemble some of my projects as I did with the XLR Evolution Chassis.  It comes with all the normal screw drivers, pliers, knifes and bits but also bronze scraping tool and threaded holes for cleaning rods and a pin for taking the lower off a AR-15 style rifle and a wrench for installing scopes. The retail price for this multi tool is 180 dollars but can be purchase for around 100 dollars if you shop around. The only thing I wish it came with is a bit kit #931014 for an additional 18 dollars.  If you only want or need to buy one multi tool this is the one to buy!

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  1. Alberto says:

    Buen día, soy Bombero Profesional utilizó en mi vida civil Victorinox, Wenger y leatherman (teniendo varios modelos de las diferentes marcas) Hace unos días compre el modelo MUT EOD y realmente es fascinante (en mi país los Bomberos además somos Federales) de fuerza de seguridad y uso de arma reglamentaria.
    Éste modelo me parece increíble y lo utilizó en mi pantalón todos los días; mi pregunta es necesito lis accesorios como la escobilla para limpiar el caňon, en Argentina no se consigue…si saben donde puedo conseguirlos, me avisan. Gracias

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