In 1995 a number of concerned citizens like Susanna Hupp and others worked with the State of Texas to enact a concealed carry law.

In 1996 when the concealed carry law when into effect I applied for my license, went through the class, and received my license.  At the time I was caring a Sigma .40 cal pistol which turned out to not be a good choice. It was too big and not concealable even in a large fanny pack.  So I needed to find a smaller gun that I had confidence in to protect myself with and purchased by first GLOCK – a G27.  I have this gun in waistband, boot, and a fanny pack.  It is a good gun – one that I can depend on if my life was in jeopardy it is also small enough to conceal.

There were times when even the G27 was too big of a gun to carry. I also bought a Colt Defender .45 which is the gun that I normally carry now. But there have been times where I needed to carry and either one of these would be inappropriate so I bought a Smith & Wesson J-frame. I normally carry the J-frame in a pocket. I’ve actually had to use it to defend myself – fortunately I did have to shoot – just to brandish it to stop the aggression.

There is hardly a day in all these years that I don’t have a gun on me. There other guns that I’ve carried in holsters, fanny packs, shoulder holsters, or down a boot or ankle holster. If I am able to wear a belt I normally carry my Colt Defender in a Crossbreed Super Tuck. I’m a mechanic by trade and I have been underneath cars rolling around on the ground and the Defender has never bothered me in this holster. I wear shorts during the summers and the T-shirt conceals my Colt .45.

I find for concealed carry a 9mm or .38 is sufficient to protect oneself but I prefer either a .40 caliber or .45 caliber weapon. Carry extra ammo – extra magazine or speed loader.  My belief is if you can’t do it with one or two rounds then you shouldn’t be carring and the chances of getting in a real storm as a civilian is pretty rare.  People tell me that they carry three and four spare magazines and 100 extra rounds on them and I ask about their sanity. Look the truth of the matter is that unless you’re a high-value target nobody gives a damn about you and there is no reason to carry that amount of ammo for protection.  If you are a security guard or toting large amounts of money three or four 3 or 4 spare magazines is completely understandable.

The other thing that I find absolutely crazy is some of these people out there who will carry guns never designed to be carried concealed or a caliber that it makes no sense to carry.  I’ll include the Smith & Wesson 500 – when you carry a gun like that the chances of you hurting other people other than your attacker multiply astronomically and that’s not what concealed carry is all about.

The mentality of concealed carry is also very important. You have to be ready to pull the trigger knowing full well that the chance of you ending someone else’s life is high. Being a concealed carry permit holder  is serious business and you have to think about it and be prepared. I have had to pull my gun and it’s not like the movies.  In one situation an attacker came at me with a baseball bat but luckily I was able to scare him off.

Don’t underestimate the legal ramifications if you shoot someone – justified or not.  There WILL BE legal ramifications and attorney fees.  Possibly unwanted media attention.

Over the years there have been other incidents when I had to pull my gun.  You need to practice situational awareness and the ability to dominate a situation without the use of deadly force.

By:  Adam Dollinger

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