By staff writer: Charles Coker

Have you been looking for some steel targets but they all seem like a pain to deal with?

I had been looking around at options that could be used for both rifle and pistol that were easy to transport and setup that also didn’t take up a lot of space in the garage.  I really wasn’t finding anything that grabbed me when I came across this new target called the Stake and Shoot from Challenge Targets.

I have been using this target for a few months and after determining it would take the abuse and hold up I decided to capture some of it on video and do my review on it. Made of 3/8″ AR500 steel and shipped in a flat cardboard box, it takes about 3 minutes to assemble the target face to the base which gets driven into the ground. It is secured via 2 grade 8 bolts with heavy duty springs between the target and base. This does two things, it allows the target to move so you get a good indication of a hit (in addition to the audible clank) as well as extending the life of the target absorbing some of the energy. With the target face being made of one piece of steel with no welds that could fatigue and fail over time this target should last for a LONG time.

I HIGHLY recommend the Stake and Shoot from Challenge Targets and will be getting some more.




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