Armasight Zeus-Pro Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

Armasight Zeus-Pro

Armasight makes arguably the best Night Vision and Thermal Imaging solutions available in the USA.  Tactical Gun Review recently had the opportunity to test the Armasight Zeus-Pro Thermal Weapon Sight in a controlled environment and in the field.  Performance was superior, the controls were easy to use even in total darkness, and battery life was surprisingly good.  There are many variants with different components and performance features – specific model tested was the Armasight Zeus-Pro 640 2-16X50 (60Hz).  This is a top-of-the-line high-performance thermal rifle scope with an MSRP of $9,150.

As luck would have it, we were scheduled to go hog hunting right after receiving the Armasight Zeus-Pro.  I mounted the thermal sight on my LMT AR-10 .308 and sighted it in.  It may not be intuitive that you can use thermal during daylight but you can and the sight-in process was quick and easy.  Although the Armasight Zeus-Pro operated flawlessly that night I did not encounter any pigs at my spot.  

The video was shot at our ranch in central Texas with deer as the objects (note: it is illegal to hunt deer at night in Texas).   The video clearly demonstrates the different color palettes available and the variety of reticles you can select.

Armasight Zeus-Pro mounted on a LMT AR-10 .308 rifle.

Armasight Zeus-Pro

Armasight Zeus-Pro

For me personally, the “Black Hot” palette is the easiest to use consistently.  It seems to do the best job at reducing background clutter while clearly defining the object heat source.  White Hot and Sepia also worked well for me.  Fusion, Rainbow and Rain were fun to play with on stationary, known targets but the colors can flood the senses and be overwhelming when scanning the field.

The Zeus-Pro is relatively light and compact.  It did not adversely affect me while I was out walking about.  It just seemed like a rifle scope – never getting in the way and handling the weapon with the sight mounted is not awkward at all.

Armasight Zeus-Pro

Armasight Zeus-Pro

If you have ever run night vision gear, this is one product where you truly do get what you pay for.  For example, there is a big jump in performance moving from Gen 1 to Gen 2 to Gen 3 NVD.  There is a saying, “If you are happy with your night vision device, never, ever look through a more expensive unit.”  The Zeus-Pro line is not inexpensive but it delivers value as defined as being “worth it.”

Full technical specifications are here.

Armasight Zeus-Pro

Armasight Zeus-Pro

My wife and I were at the ranch when I first received the Armasight Zeus-Pro.  I opened the box, installed the batteries, hit the power button and handed it to her.  She is not a hunter (at all) and had never used any night vision device.  She picked it up, looked through it, and went, “Wow! There are three does over there and a spike buck about fifty yards to the left!”  After a quick glance at the user manual I instructed her on the zoom and palette button options.  Boom, one minute of use and she was comfortable using the Zeus-Pro with no previous experience.  Yes, there are more detailed specification options available in the menus but the basic operation is intuitive.

Controls are replicated on a five button wireless remote switch that attaches to any mil-spec picatinny rail.  I mounted the remote switch on the left side of the handguard so that I could easily control the sight without removing my hands from the weapon.

Armasight Zeus-Pro

Armasight Zeus-Pro


Video was recorded with the Armasight DVR.  The DVR is simple to operate (assuming you insert the cable correctly the first time).  It includes a handy remote for accessing the menu settings and operating the DVR.  The DVR can attach to the Zeus-Pro rail to provide a steady and secure mount.  There are options for motion detection, scheduled record times, and record on power-up.  I set it to manual and used the convenient button to start/stop recording.

The Armasight Zeus-Pro Thermal Weapon Sight offers a high-performance experience with outstanding image quality.

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