One of the biggest benefits of concealed carry is that you have an edge over would-be attackers. If you find yourself in a violent situation where you need to protect yourself or other people, a successfully hidden firearm can mean the difference between your safety and victimization.

But even if you try to conceal your firearm, people might see its outline through your clothes. People in the world of concealed firearms refer to this as printing, and if you have issues with gun printing, you should take steps to correct the problem. Use these three concealed carry tips to avoid printing.

1. Get an Appropriate Holster

A good holster is a key piece of equipment for securing your gun comfortably. Choose a holster that covers the trigger and suits your gun model so that you have a safe fit for your firearm.

A holster will also help you feel comfortable while carrying, ensuring you’re less likely to fidget with your equipment or adjust your clothes. A lack of discretion is one of the most common mistakes to avoid when concealed carrying. A holster with a sleek profile will help you keep your gun from printing.

2. Choose Your Carry Position

Your carry position influences your draw speed and fluidity, gun accessibility, and gun visibility. For example, most pants styles make it easy to keep your gun completely hidden in an ankle holster. However, this position is mainly beneficial if you spend a lot of your day sitting down.

Just like with the right holster, your carrying position influences what postures and movements feel comfortable while you carry. The greater your comfort, the more naturally you’ll hide the gun. When you’re testing out different carrying positions, look in the mirror to see how the gun looks under your clothes as you walk, stretch, reach, and sit. Then, make adjustments to limit printing.

3. Pick the Right Clothes

The final concealed carry tip to help you avoid printing is to dress for carrying. It’s much easier to conceal your weapon when your clothes aren’t tight. So, consider wearing looser clothes or outerwear to make it easier for you to keep your gun hidden.

Keep in mind that fabrics that cling to you will also cling to your weapon. T-shirts will highlight the outline of your gun. Opt for wearing fabrics that have more structure, like a polo shirt.

Dark colors also make it easier to avoid printing. Navy and black are especially great at making it difficult for people to see the outline of your weapon.

By choosing a holster made for your gun model, choosing a comfortable carry position, and wearing carry-friendly clothes, you can avoid printing. Try out these techniques to see the difference.

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Dianne Pajo

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