Many people enjoy cleaning their firearms and it may be a weekly routine they never miss. I’m not a lover of cleaning my guns. If you would like to purchase a new gun then you can visit sites such as, or if you would just like to find out information on how to clean your old one then carry on reading this article. I only do it simply because I want them to function. You never know when you find yourself in a life and death situation. With this being said, once you’ve finished cleaning your gun, do you have a safe place to store them? If not, it would be in your best interest to do a quick google search into something simple like hidden compartment nightstand to help you find a better option that can help you find a better storage solution for your firearm.

Whether or not you’re like me or if you get excitement out of it, below are a few tips every firearm owner needs to know about maintaining their guns.

1. Safely disassemble your gun. Pistols are quite simple to disassemble. If any questions arise, make sure to read the manual or gun forums. You don’t want to distort a part because you are forcing something when the firearm ought to come apart with ease. Keep the handbook or look online for quick reference.

2. Never keep ammunition in the space where you clean your firearm. Storing ammo in the same workspace could cause an unwanted accident. You need to search for a better gun cleaning area if that is the case. It is constantly in the news; article about somebody with their gun accidentally shooting themselves. They might of even been sure the gun was unloaded. This rule applies to doing anything with your gun. Keep the ammo away from your firearm.

3. Gun cleaning tools/accessories. There are a couple of other products you need to correctly clean your gun. These consist of Q-tips (or pipe cleaners) for the tough to reach areas, a hand towel or cloth to wipe the gun down. There’s also a rod and brushes to wash the barrel and patches to go through the barrel. You can check out most sporting goods stores or online to purchase an inexpensive gun cleaning kit. Be sure to check the kit for all the components mentioned.4. Clean your firearms in a well-ventilated spot. You do not want to be locked in a small work space with the fumes from these cleaners circling in the air. Go clean your gun in the garage with a window wide-open or on a back porch or deck. As a safety precaution, remember not to have any ammo around.

5. Use the most suitable gun cleaning solvents. You can’t grab whatever cleaning remedy is under the sink. Use the right cleaning formulas. Hoppe’s is one of the most well-known and has been around for a long time. Ballistol is another gun cleaner that numerous gun owners swear by. It is important that you use the best gun cleaning solvent that you can find to help give your gun a thorough cleaning, as without doing this, it could have an effect on the overall function of your gun. To find the best kit for your gun, you should click here for an extensive list of reviews to help make the decision easier.

6. Simply take your time. I clean my firearm around every 500 rounds, sometimes more. If you own a modern gun built by an excellent manufacturer, every 500 rounds or so is a great consistency to clean your gun. Just don’t be in a rush when you clean it. For a pistol, it ought to take you around 30 minutes to clean the gun. This depends on your efficiency level also. Some people prefer to go slower because they are a newer gun owner. Just make sure to clean every space and crevice of your gun. Keep in mind that the gun could save your life one day.

7. The magazines. When you clean your weapon, you need to clean each magazines utilized in the last 500 rounds. Many pistol magazines rapidly disassemble for easy cleaning. If you can’t figure it out, there are plenty of resources. Many online articles to read and perhaps my favorite, Youtube videos!

8. Wear eye protection. A spring could pop out of the gun or a chemical might spatter into your eye. Prior to taking your gun apart, put on your protective glasses. It might sound and look silly, but it is worth the extra eye protection.

9. Use a gun cleaning mat. Many firearms have little parts like pins and springs. If you use a gun cleaning mat when cleaning your gun, it may help keep the parts in place. There are gun cleaning mats with non slip surfaces and trays built in to help.

10. Function test. After you’ve cleaned your firearm and assembled it, you need to make certain that it operates. With gun safety measures in place, squeeze the trigger to check if it properly fires. In addition, ensure the trigger resets correctly when you rack the slide.

Joshua Babicz

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