Yankee Hill Machine Company is well know for producing quality products.  The YHM Ti Phantom .30 caliber direct thread suppressor continues that tradition of quality and value.  The Ti Phantom is a full sized .30 caliber suppressor featuring Titanium / Inconel construction that weighs in at only 15 ounces.  The stainless steel version is 28 ounces so the Ti model is significantly lighter.  Inconel is a corrosion resistant material that performs very well in a hostile environment of high pressure and high heat, which is why it is used for suppressor blast baffles.

We ran the Ti Phantom on two different rifles while out hunting one weekend.  The first platform was my Bergara HMR 6.5 Creedmoor.  The Ti Phantom was right at home on this rig and would be a very nice long-term solution.  Unfortunately, the hunting portion of the weekend was a dud but we did get the opportunity to spend some time with the Ti Phantom on the range banging steel.  As you would expect from a full-size silencer the sound signature was very pleasant.  YHM claims a sound reduction of 32 decibels.

YHM Ti Phantom

YHM Ti Phantom on Bergara HMR

For kicks, we also installed the YHM Ti Phantom on my Ballistic Advantage 300 BLK SBR.  I had two suppressors on loan from the Silencer Shop that weekend – the Ti Phantom and the Sandman K.   While the Sandman K was almost painful (not hearing safe) in that configuration, the Ti Phantom was much more enjoyable to shoot.  There simply isn’t any substitute for internal volume.

YHM Ti Phantom on Blackout

YHM Ti Phantom on Blackout SBR

This is the Direct Thread Ti Phantom.  Personally, I kind of like direct thread.  There just isn’t nearly as much to go wrong and so what if it takes an extra 10 seconds to install.  However, that also depends upon application.  In this article, the direct thread is perfect on the Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor but I might prefer a Quick Attach system on the Blackout SBR.  Freedom of choice!

Ti Phantom and Sandman K

Ti Phantom and Sandman K


  • Caliber Rating:  7.62 mm
  • Thread Pitch:  5/8 X 24
  • Length:  8.5″
  • Diameter:  1.625″
  • Weight:  15 ounces
  • Limited Full Auto
  • SBR Ratings:  5.56 = 10.5″, 300 BLK = 8.0″, 7.62 = 10.5″
  • Consult owner’s manual or YHM before using on SBR or full auto
  • Construction: Titanium and Inconel

MSRP $1,088 but the Silencer Shop usually offers special discount pricing. 

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