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Tactical Gun Review is giving away a free Comp-Tac Deluxe Pro Competition Kit! This is the way to rock your rig! The Comp-Tac Deluxe Pro Competition Kit includes The International Holster, Twin Mag Pouch, and Kydex Reinforced Contour Belt. Submit your entry today by Drawing March 31, 2014.

The winner will specify what size belt, type of gun and mag type in order to receive the correct setup.

Contest rules:

You must submit a real review of a product.  It doesn’t need to be a book but it should cover the basics and provide enough good information to be valuable to your fellow shooter.  Reviews that just go “I bought this Glock and it’s great, give me that holster to go with it!” will NOT be published.  Try and provide a service to the community.  Feel free to submit multiple reviews to increase your odds and if you are not chosen they will count towards future drawings!

Once you are done please respond to our polls!

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5 Responses to Win a Comp-Tac Deluxe Pro Competition Kit!

  1. Richard says:

    Trigger guard and trigger pull are two very important considerations in sustained shooting. A few years back my son and I took a 4 day very intensive handgun course in which we shot approximately 1,000 rounds apiece. My son was using his brand new Glock 19 and I my Daewoo DP51. After about 250 rounds my trigger finger started giving out and I started developing blisters on it. My son’s trigger finger was fine and he had no problems. What we discovered that had occurred, due to the intensity of the training, was that the repeated pressing of the trigger and the rubbing of the finger on the trigger guard had caused the problem. The DP51 was not designed for this type of sustained shooting, due to the shard angles on the trigger and especially the trigger guard.
    After the training was over I immediately went to the sporting goods store and bought myself a Glock. The next time I went to through the course with my new Glock, I had no problems.

    • Evan Ferguson says:

      After shooting 250+ rounds with a Glock 22 during a police pistol course, I developed what they call Glock knuckle. The trigger guards are too large and blocky for my hand. This has been remedied by used the large beavertail backstrap that the Gen4’s come with, but gen3’s just kill me. IMO, Glock could add about 150% ergonomics to their pistols if they would just change the damn design a little. It’s like they’re holding onto it just for nostalgia.

      • Richard says:

        Thank you for your insight. I found that I like the blockiness of the design; however, I can understand how that might effect some peoples hands, due to size. The DP51, that I originally used, might have suited your hand ergonomics just fine.

  2. Robyn says:

    In August, I had TRUGLO Brite-Site TFO (tritium fiber optic) night sights installed on my M&P Shield. I haven’t done any nighttime shooting, but I do find they’re easier to see in an indoor range. The combination of tritium with the fiber optics has been nice since it increases the brightness of the sights regardless of the lighting conditions. The sights are just a touch wide for the Shield, but haven’t caused any problems (snagging, etc.). I chose green, but they’re also available in yellow.
    One of the reasons I chose to upgrade my sights when I did was that the white paint got knocked out of my front sight. It was still possible to align the posts to aim, but I find it faster and easier to get on target with the bright front dot. It’s also easy to spot the gun in the gun safe if I happen to open it in the dark. In the time since the sights were installed, I’ve carried the gun daily and shot it often. So far, no problems.

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