I have been hunting with a 6.8 SPC for the last few years and have grown to really like the round and the AR platform. I have killed quite a few hogs and whitetails with it and have yet to not have something either drop on the spot or drop with in sight.  Wilson Combat makes an awesome 6.8! Everything I have killed with the round has been with handloads using Barnes bullets. Either the 110g TTSX, the 85 TSX and most recently the 95 TTSX. Click below to read my Wilson Combat 6.8 SPC review. In December of 2009 I received an 18″ barreled Recon from Wilson Combat.

Wilson Combat 6.8 SPC

Wilson Combat 6.8 SPC


  • Match grade 1 in 11 twist, SPC II chambered stainless 18″ barrel
  • Accu Riser scope mount with Trijicon 3-9 Accupoint with miidot reticle and illuminated green center dot (I LOVE these scopes!)
  • Quad rail forearm
  • Tactical Trigger Unit (the best single stage AR trigger on the market as far as I am concerned)
  • Backup Flip up sights
  • Accutec 6.8 flash suppressor
  • Np3 coated bolt carrier (slicker than a used car salesman)
  • Enhanced 6.8 bolt
  • Complete with their Tuff Coat finish
  • Magpul MIAD grip and CTR stock

The gun is a work of art, there’s zero play between upper and lower receiver. The machining and attention to detail are just like their 1911s, you just can’t get any better. The TTU trigger has ZERO creep, ZERO overtravel and an instant reset.   It breaks clean and is ever bit as nice as my Jewell trigger in my LTR 308 The scope mount can be removed and it does return to zero.   At first I didn’t care for the looks of the knob but it works with gloves and there are no tiny levers to try to get at or to fine tune tension. It just works. The gun shoots great and everyone that has checked it out has commented on how clean and well put together it is. And of course everyone drools over the trigger.. the most common response is “wow” If you are in the market for a lifelong gun that could be configured for hunting, LE use, self defsense or even competition, I sincerely do not think you could do any better. Wilson Combat has earned a reputation for having the best customer service in the industry. Bill Wilson is an avid hunter, his products are field tested, ran hard and he is a perfectionist. I have successfully used this rifle hunting numerous times and it is always what I use for hog hunting and I use it for stalk hunting for deer often.  I have taken hogs and deer cleanly with one shot (thank you Barnes!) from 30 – 300 yards. Update: I have since switched optics out for a S&B 1.5-6×42 Flashdot #9 Also updated to the new TRIM forearm   For more info: www.wilsoncombat.com

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