Sometimes things go bump in the night; most of the time we know that they are simply that – bumps. The vents, the ice maker, the neighbor with a night shift. We usually pass these minor disturbances off and go back to sleep, but the one disturbance that we should not disregard is the dog.

A few nights ago my yellow lab started to bark around 2am. This instantly sent adrenaline through my veins. At first I sat up and waited to see if he’d come back, but instead he let off another series of barks – this time more serious. I knew something was up since he’s a mild mannered dog and doesn’t spook easily.

So I rolled over and pulled my SIG P220 from the drawer to investiage. Fortunately I had a set of Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sights installed earlier this year, and they were the first thing I saw when I opened the drawer. The bright green glow of the tritium illuminated the whole space which silhouetted the SIG. This made it easy to quickly, and properly grip the pistol.

There was no mistaking my sight alignment once I was up and walking around. My eyes were completely adjusted for the night and the sights clearly stood out – so much in fact that I was completely fixated on them. Any man sized figure would have been easy to acquire and engage. Fortunately enough there wasn’t a threat when I reached my dog. Regardless, I was completely impressed with the Trijicon 3 Dot Sights performance.

trijicon sg03 Although they run from $90-$115, I find that the price tag is worth every penny. First they eliminate the need for a flashlight, which if you haven’t read my post on shooting with a flashlight – I recommend you take a look. And second the tritium cylinders are good for at least 12 years, and can be replaced easily.

The SG03′s and my ACOG have made me a firm believer in Trijicon’s quality and technology. I’d put a Trijicon on all of my firearms if I didn’t have other bills to pay. My next purchase will definetly be a SRS Reflex for my SIG P556 SBR. I love these sights primarily because they don’t rely on batteries which is always an X-Factor.

So if you have a little extra money from the Holidays, and a pistol with dull sights – then I suggest you brighten them up with some Trijicon’s. They’ll make a world of difference and could possibly save your life.


By: Benjamin Martin

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