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Fenix TK15

A flashlight of solid construction, high output, and impressive value; the Fenix TK15 does not disappoint, working  when you depend on it most.  The brand may not be very well known, but they have great potential from what I have seen so far.


Magpul B.A.D Lever

Overlooked by many, Magpul’s BAD Lever is an upgrade that many have been looking for on their AR platform. It allows the shooter to release the bolt and lock the bolt to-the-rear without using your support hand to hit the ping-pong paddle. This allows the shooter to make a reload more efficiently and quickly, and due to the lack of movement. Not bad for a small addition.


Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sight Review for SIG P220


Sometimes things go bump in the night; most of the time we know that they are simply that – bumps. The vents, the ice maker, the neighbor with a night shift. We usually pass these minor disturbances off and go back to sleep, but the one disturbance that we should not disregard is the dog.


Vortex Viper Binocular Review