I’ve abused my Trijicon SRS before, but in the last few weeks, I’ve taken that mistreatment to new levels. As you saw in the review of the Special Ops Tactical quad rail, I drug the SRS through a gravel parking lot, which did not affect its functionality at all. I have put thousands of rounds downrange with this optic and it has yet to malfunction on me. The glass is bright and clear, and the red dot is distinct and reliable. 

The solar cell on the Trijcion SRS has been scratched and battered. Though it is quite probably the weakest aspect of the sight, it is also something I consider a secondary feature. The single AA battery included with the SRS is capable of powering it for three years, regardless of the condition of the solar cell.

Trijicon SRS

The SRS has gone for several dives at this point. No problem whatsoever.

Next, I decided to test the water-proof nature of the optic. I took the Trijcion  SRS to new heights… and new depths. Specifically, I took it up to the high-dive at the diving pool of my Alma Mater and tossed into the drink. It sank to a depth of 13 feet, which means that the Trijicon SRS had over 20lbs per square inch of pressure bearing down on it.

Watch the video here.

By Allen Cosby


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