Once you shoot suppressed, there really is no other way to shoot.  Anyone who shoots, especially AR platform rifles, knows that a short time of shooting can lead to days of ringing in ones ears.  Que, the RECCE 5 by Griffin Armament.

Recently our friends from Silencer Shop let me try out the RECCE 5 by Griffin Armament.  Having only dealt with 30 cal suppressors on 5.56 rifles, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I have to admit that I was skeptical when I first picked up the RECCE 5, it was shorter and heavier than my past experiences.  I always try to stay open minded going into a review, but really had my doubts with this can.  Boy, was I wrong.  Griffin hit the nail on the head with this suppressor.  Not only was it hearing safe while shooting outside.  It really compliments a great AR.

The sound suppression far exceeded my expectations.  I had the opportunity to do recreational shooting as well as hunting.  While the can is heavier than the suppressor I currently own, it was not so much so that the rifle was cumbersome.  It balanced the rifle out well.  The shorter overall length also made maneuvering the rifle easier as well as transitioning to different targets.

With the taper mount, it makes attaching and removing the RECCE 5 super simple.  The mount is built well just as the can is, and even after taking it off and putting it on numerous times, there was minimal POI and the results were repeatable every time.  The design also reduces gas blow back to your face.

Here are some of the specs of the RECCE 5

Caliber Rating 5.56mm (.223)
Length 6.2″
Diameter Diameter 1.47″
Weight 14.5 oz
Finish High Temperature Cerakote™
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Minimum Barrel Length 7.5”
Sound Reduction 35db

I’m lucky enough to be able to shoot off my back porch, and without a sound meter, I base suppression off of if I can shoot without waking anyone up.  I will admit that I was able to annihilate several corn thieving raccoons without waking up anyone in the house.

As I stated before, the suppression this little can produces is pretty amazing.  Griffin has done a few upgrades from the previous RECCE line in order to get the numbers to improve on what was already a squared away suppressor.  The overall quality of the build and the finish are really top notch.  This will definitely withstand the abuse of an avid shooter and outdoors man and will compliment any suppressor collection.

Please go check it out at Silencer Shop.


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Beau Durham

I grew up learning to shoot at an early age, and my love for the sport has grown exponentially with me. Currently I am a Paramedic for large and very busy City. My down time affords me the opportunity to pursue my passion of guns.

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