Sig Sauer has been making quality firearms for many years.  When they decided to start making suppressors, I had mixed feelings.  Initially I felt that maybe they should stick to what they do so well and keep making those firearms, but after getting to shoot one of their cans, I have to say, Sig definitely knows what they are doing.

My initial thought when I went to pick this suppressor up at Silencer Shop, I thought it was bulky and going to be heavy.  Once I picked it up I quickly changed my mind.  At just 17.5 oz it was remarkably lighter than it looked.  The look of the can is unique for sure.  It is a single tube design which allows for more internal volume and thus giving better sound suppression over other manufactures.  There are multiple options for the 762 line, non titanium if weight isn’t an issue for you, also they have a quick detach version.  I opted to test out the direct thread version.  It is rated for up to 300 win mag and will handle full auto fire.

After mounting the can on my rifle, a Mega Arms 308, I was very pleased with the balance.  Even with its unique design it only added to the aesthetics of the rifle, even tho the suppressor is grey in color in contrast to the black of the rifle.

In traditional Sig fashion, the performance of the can were even more phenomenal than I could have hoped for.  The sound reduction made shooting with it hearing safe, and with almost no POI, this suppressor scored in the top of its class with the 2 features most sought after in suppressor quality.  I even managed to shoot a 180 lb wild boar with it from my back porch while my daughter was sleeping.  She never woke up. This is exactly what I look for in a suppressor!

The biggest cons I have with this suppressor are the fact that due to it being a single tube design, the weld lines are visible creating “ribs”.  Also the outer diameter of the can is 1.75″, which almost eliminates the ability to tuck the can into the hand guard on AR style rifles.  If these are the worst things wrong with it, then I would say that Sig Sauer hit this one out of the park.  This is an extremely well built can and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a 30 cal suppressor with superior performance.


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Beau Durham

I grew up learning to shoot at an early age, and my love for the sport has grown exponentially with me. Currently I am a Paramedic for large and very busy City. My down time affords me the opportunity to pursue my passion of guns.

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