Templar Tactical Archangel and Ark30 Blackout Suppressors


Spent some time at Best of the West shooting range testing the Templar Tactical Suppressors.  The Templar Tactical Archangel is very impressive in terms of  sound suppression and repeatable accuracy as well.  I took the challenge from the range master to hit a golf ball at 500 yards.

Not a first round hit but on the 2nd shot I looked at him and said “your golf ball just developed a major health problem.”

Suffice it to say, these lightweight titanium cans deliver the goods.

Full specs at Templar Tactical.

Barrel threading courtesy of Morgan at Dallas Shooting Supplies..  Check him out, he does it right!

By staff writer: Charles Coker

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4 Responses to Templar Tactical Archangel and Ark30 Blackout Suppressors

  1. Mike says:

    According to Templar-Crux, here are the db readings on a .308 with 24″ barrel:
    Archangel 9.25″ = -39db
    Ark 7.5″ = -35db
    Nemesis 6.0″ = -34db

  2. ccoker says:

    Well, the bigger can is going to be quieter, can’t beat physics and the more volume you have the quieter it is going to be, all else being equal.

    I would say the Ark30 is kind of like the Goldilocks version.
    A great balance of compactness and effectiveness.

    Really can’t go wrong with any of the Crux cans.
    Just need to prioritize what is the most important to you personally.

    I like the Nemesis30 the best for a hunting can on my 6.8, it’s light, makes getting in and out of trucks, blinds, through trees, etc.. easy. I am also not sitting there putting a bunch of rounds through it at the range where a larger can would suppress better.

    Here is the amazing thing, all 3 have the same POI, which is less than a 1/2 mil and it’s straight down. How they all perform identically on target is freaking amazing.

    • Robert says:

      That’s what I would figure as far as suppression, but when I talked to the guys over at Crux they said the Archangel was made for super magnums with 100+ grains of powder and that the Ark would handle anything under that.

      According to Crux, the Ark30 and Archangel would perform about the same on 300wm and smaller; the extra size of the Archangel is not needed unless running over 100 grains of powder in a load.

      I find this hard to believe considering all other manufacturers tout additional suppression with 9″ cans vs their 7″ counterparts and I was just trying to get some outside opinions to confirm this.

      I currently have a specwar 7.62 and an SAS Ti Arbiter. If it performs as well as the arbiter I may be adding one last suppressor to my collection! It’s tough to judge a suppressor from video reviews.

  3. Robert says:

    How would you compare the Ark30 to the Archangel on something like a 308 or even 300wm?

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