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Savage Will Launch 28 New Products at the 2018 SHOT Show

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – January, 12, 2018 – Savage will launch more than two dozen new products within several product lines at the 2018 SHOT Show, January 23-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The legions of Savage fans who rely on our brand’s quality firearms – and the proven accuracy the rifles deliver – will love our long list of new firearm options,” said Beth Shimanski, Senior Marketing Manager for Savage. “Our new AccuFit System is designed to allow shooters to quickly adjust comb height and length-of-pull for a customized fit. This results in more consistent, more comfortable shooting. The 10 new Model 110s, which have been upgraded with AccuFit, are sure to impress our customers. However, we didn’t stop there. We have several new configurations and caliber additions to our award-winning MSR lineup and rimfire rifles.”

Product Launch Highlights Include:

Model 110 Storm with AccuFit: Conquer hunting’s most punishing weather and conditions. Sixteen caliber and left-hand options.


How to start shooting Precision Rifle Matches

As a part time competitive shooter, I have shot a variety of matches including 3-Gun, USPSA, IDPA and more.  Shooting major matches is an expensive hobby, and I spent a few years as an RO for a number of major 3-gun matches.   A few years ago I attended a small benefit match in Frost Texas called the “Let Texas Shoot” multigun.  It was a 3-gun match but instead of a shotgun it incorporated a precision rifle.  This was a new concept to me, and it has since been my favorite all time match.  It taught me that shooting super fast carbine stages are not as satisfying as ringing steel at well over 500 yards on the clock.  There have been other similar matches since then, but what has my interest now is the Precision Rifle Series.  Looking into this genre of competition,I realized that I was not equipped to shoot the Precision Rifle Series matches due to only owning short .308 Gas Guns.  This leads me here, this is the beginning of a series of articles covering my introduction into shooting precision rifles and how to start shooting the PRS.


Savage Precision Carbine .308

Savage Precision Carbine

This article is part one of a long-term field test of the Savage Precision Carbine.  Now that it is legal to hunt whitetail deer in Texas with a suppressor, I was searching for a suitable host platform.  I quickly settled on the .308 cartridge because of the availability of factory threaded barrels in that caliber – usually offered as a “tactical” or “law enforcement” model – and the adaptability of that cartridge.  My criteria:  A short 18″ – 20″ barrel, detachable box magazine, decent factory stock out of the box, and a reputation for accuracy.  A great trigger is a must but I was willing to drop in a Timney or Jewell if needed.  The Savage Precision Carbine quickly became the obvious choice.


Savage MK II TR 22 long rifle

Today I am taking a break from my “end of the world” prepper series to discuss a specific rifle in my prepper plan. Savage MK II TR is a recent purchase but I have spent enough time behind her to give you the rundown. So here it is.


From Collector to Prepper Pt. 2 The 22 Long Rifle.

By: Cary Kieffer

Goodmorning, I certainly am not the first guy to go over this but I am the first guy on TGR, so today we will discuss the pro’s/con’s of the 22 long rifle in case “the world as we know it” comes to an end. Is the 22 a necessity for a prepper? I think so.


Savage 10FLP review

In ’99, I set about researching sniper rifle options and ultimately chose the Savage 10FLP in .308 caliber. I contacted each of the major manufacturers and Savage Arms was the ONLY ONE that answered all my questions freely, sent me information by email and regular mail, AND the representative that I spoke with on the phone gave me his direct phone extension in case I had further questions. WOW! 🙂  I have never regreted purchasing my Savage 10FLP. Savage makes a very fine rifle and (despite the scoffing from diehard Remington fans) this rifle can shoot just as good, if not better, groups on the range than the more expensive Remington PSS rifles. I have my rifle outfitted with a Leupold 4.5-14×50 TLR scope with mildot reticle, and the combination has proven very sweet. Customer service, quality, reliability, accuracy, and price ALL make me a faithful Savage Arms fan.  🙂

By: Heath Hanson


Savage Model 10 review

Several years ago on a whim I bought a Savage Model 10, in caliber .243 Winchester. The main reason I decided on this rifle was the price and I had always wanted a .243. The first hunting season I owned it, I decided to deer hunt with it and endured much razzing from my hunting buddies about hunting with a “pop gun”. I have had to occasion since that first year to take a 10 point buck, a really nice 8 point, a doe and two boar hogs with this ” little rifle “. ( All one shot kills) Remington 100 grain “core-lokt seem to work best in it. It was equipped with a Simmons ” Blazer scope (3-9x-40), an accu-trigger, sling studs and a synthetic stock when it was purchased. It was on the paper at 50 yards out of the box. After sighting in at 100 yards, I fired a three shot group that could be covered with a dime. The scope has the clearest optics of any scope I have ever owned. Every year before hunting season I check my zero and it’s always right on. In short this rifle is light, rugged, dependable and I love it. After several years of hard use, the only complaint is the padded rubber butt, which has tears and a couple of chunks missing due to the extremely soft material being used. Somewhere in the years of bouncing around on a four wheeler, the Savage enblem on the pistol grip butt has detached and been lost. The defects are all cosmetic and this rifle still does its job. Anyone wanting a good rifle for the money cannot go wrong with a Savage Model 10.

By: Robert Taylor