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Best optic for a gas gun? Bushnell LRHS first impressions

I have a sweet spot for the large frame AR platform. Having built a couple of them I have grown to really appreciate an AR in .308. In chasing the best AR-10 variant I have realized that optic selection is paramount and easy to get wrong.  Finding an optic that is light, has good tracking, good reticle, good glass and is reasonably priced is tough. Bushnell just sent me an Elite Tactical LRHS 3-12×44 and it checks all the boxes.


Accurate Sports LEAP Stock and Positive Lock Chassis

Accurate Sports has been in business since 2010 and specializes in precision bolt-action rifles and AR-pattern rifles. The owner, Kevin Neitzel, started doing machining work back in 1977. He began his gunsmithing experience by building Pennsylvania Long Rifles – black-powder flintlocks. It gave him his first taste for firearms customization.

It was a long time before he turned his attentions to the tactical gun market. The catalyst that lead to the creation of Accurate Sport was an encounter at a local gun range. While shooting, Kevin overheard a gun owner cursing his store-bought AR-15. The rifle was patterning poorly, a true disappointment to the man behind the trigger. Kevin remembered looking at the rifle and thinking, “I could make a better barrel, and a better gun.”

So he did. Here is a link to an excellent video showing the process he uses.