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308 Project – Kahles K312 3-12 – Templar Tactical Archangel Suppressor – Manners MCS-T

Templar Tactical Archangel Suppressor

By staff writer: Charles Coker

Today I thought I would show you my 308 as it has evolved to it’s current state:


Remington LTR 308 Review

This gun comes with a 20″ fluted heavy barrel in a 1 in 12 twist.
The stock is from HS Precision.

I first got my LTR a few years ago after shooting my buddies and hearing nothing but
I liked the idea of the 20″ barrel as by all accounts you lose very, very little FPS compared to a longer barrel and have a nice compact and lighter rig.

I bought a lightly used one from my FFL that had been upgraded with a Jewell trigger.

It shot numerous factory loads all under an inch and with a little development work with Varget, Lapau brass and a few bullets I found 1 ragged hole groups at 100 yards.
I have used 165g Nosler Accubonds to shoot .5″ at 300 yards and cleanly taken deer out to 400.

I ran it for sometime with as Kahles CL 3-10×50 Multizero with 4a reticle.

A fantastic hunting rig,  I camo painted with Krylon

About a year ago I decided to make this a dedicated LR rifle now that there is  1K range in Central Texas called Best of the West

I have upgraded the stock to a Manners MCS-T in 4 color digital.

I am running EGW’s heavy duty +20 MOA aluminum bases and 30mm medium rings.
Scope is a USO 3.2-17×44 Ergo with the GAP mil reticle, EREK elevation knob and capped windage.

Running 175s, both the Federal match load and Silver State Armory, as well as handloads I shoot this rifle out to 1K

In short, the LTR is a fantastic rifle out of the box and can only be made better that will run with full house customs.


Manners Precision MCS-T Stock for Remington 700 Review

Manners Precision MCS-T Stock for Remington 700

Manners Composite stocks are a highly respected small manufacturer.

Every stock is handbuilt, one at a time to your order with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. I spoke with Tom Manners several times about what I was looking for in a stock, the gun I was using (Remington LTR 308) and opted to have the MCS-T built in 4 color digital camo. Tom and his staff were always very polite and professional and never once did I get the feeling I was pestering them (which I probably was!). I opted for the MCS-T as I wanted an all around stock, not just bench or prone shooting but for hunting and tactical matches.

It came with a 1″ Pachmyre Decelator pad installed and sling studs.

Manners stock

Manners stock

My gun with the HS Precision stock shot extremely well, I had no issues there, I just didn’t like the fit of the stock and it felt barrel heavy. While I did not weight both stocks, they felt about the same except the Manners was a tad heavier in the butt. This worked out very well and shooting offhand the gun balances better now. I did lightly bed the action in front of the recoil lug with Marine Tex. The barreled action dropped right in with the exception of there was a little bit of resistance on the safety. I determined it to be the aftermarket Jewell trigger saftey bar and had to remove a tiny bit of material with a dremel for clearance. Had I told Tom upfront they would have most assureadly addressed that.

Manners stock

Manners stock

The gun still shoots fantastic, .5″ at 300 yards and I shoot to 1K with it.

I think the stock is a work of gun art and everyone who checks it out agrees.

In short, I would highly recommend Manners stocks to anyone in the market.

At the range, USO SN3 3.2-17×44


Staff Scope Review: USO SN-3 3.2-17×44 EREK

Review of the US Optics SN-3 3.2-17×44

USO scopes are all handmade, to order in Brea, California,
They have earned a reputation for building some of the finest optics in the world with an emphasis on extreme durability.

It is nice to be able speak with someone and go over your intended use, likes and dislikes and come up with a scope that is built for YOUR needs.
Not what some marketing guy THINKS you need.  Check out my USO SN-3 3.2-17 scope review.