Remington LTR 308 Review

This gun comes with a 20″ fluted heavy barrel in a 1 in 12 twist.
The stock is from HS Precision.

I first got my LTR a few years ago after shooting my buddies and hearing nothing but
I liked the idea of the 20″ barrel as by all accounts you lose very, very little FPS compared to a longer barrel and have a nice compact and lighter rig.

I bought a lightly used one from my FFL that had been upgraded with a Jewell trigger.

It shot numerous factory loads all under an inch and with a little development work with Varget, Lapau brass and a few bullets I found 1 ragged hole groups at 100 yards.
I have used 165g Nosler Accubonds to shoot .5″ at 300 yards and cleanly taken deer out to 400.

I ran it for sometime with as Kahles CL 3-10×50 Multizero with 4a reticle.

A fantastic hunting rig,  I camo painted with Krylon

About a year ago I decided to make this a dedicated LR rifle now that there is  1K range in Central Texas called Best of the West

I have upgraded the stock to a Manners MCS-T in 4 color digital.

I am running EGW’s heavy duty +20 MOA aluminum bases and 30mm medium rings.
Scope is a USO 3.2-17×44 Ergo with the GAP mil reticle, EREK elevation knob and capped windage.

Running 175s, both the Federal match load and Silver State Armory, as well as handloads I shoot this rifle out to 1K

In short, the LTR is a fantastic rifle out of the box and can only be made better that will run with full house customs.

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