UPDATE:  DNZ has come through for me once again. I was looking to run a new scope on my Tikka T3 270WSM – the Premier Reticles Light Tactical 3-15 X 50.  The DNZ (some say it stands for Dead Nutz) Game Reaper was my mount of choice.  

Hard to believe but I actually had to drill out one of the screws from the existing crappy mount because the metal was so soft it stripped.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Game Reaper mounted to the four holes on the top of the Tikka receiver rather than the traditional method.  This allows for a more secure mount and optic in my opinion.

I took a chance ordering the “Medium” height mount rather than the “High” and the Premier Reticles Light Tactical just clears.  As indicated below, the Game Reaper is not a massive 4 or 6 screw mounting system.  Instead it relies on extra-long 5/8″ screws with lots of thread holding the mount tight.  This is a great-looking mount that looks correct on a traditional hunting rifle for sure.  I have never failed to be pleased with DNZ products.

I might also add that the people at DNZ are great to work with (a special shout-out to Angie for the fantastic customer service).  Love that they are “Made in the USA.”

PS. The Browning X-Bolt is still cutting sub-MOA groups with the DNZ mount…..

Original Review:

DNZ Products Game Reaper mounts are machined by Certified Machining in North Carolina.  I have seen DNZ mounts at the range and heard good things about them but had never personally run a set.  As a staff writer at Tactical Gun Review one thing I can never have enough of is quality mounts as we frequently swap out optics while testing new products.  The Browning X-Bolt has a unique mounting system that limits the available choices of mounts.  Tim Coggins of Certified Machining/DNZ Products was kind of enough to send me a set of the Game Reaper Medium Height Right Hand 1′ scope tube mounts (model 91500) for testing with a new Swarovski Z3 3-10X42 BRH.

Upon opening the package, it is immediately evident that the Game Reaper is a well-engineered superior mounting system.  The mount is machined from billet aluminum – strong and light.  It is a one-piece design that anchors to the X-Bolt with eight screws.  Fit to the rifle receiver is outstanding with zero wiggle.

At first I was somewhat surprised that the scope rings were only secured with two screws per ring rather than the four I have grown accustomed to.  It didn’t worry me that much as the rifle is a sweet-shooting .25-06 with light recoil.  Then I noticed the extra-long 5/8″ screws provided – way more thread bite than the traditional scope ring screws.

Installation was a snap (as it should be).  I removed the bolt, bore-sighted the scope, and torqued all screws down to 25 inch-pounds.  Off to the range to sight in at 100 yards, then 200 yards.  This particular rifle isn’t a high-volume rig and I only have about 20-30 rounds downrange.  The Game Reaper has held zero perfectly and looks sharp.  A couple of other shooters noticed the engraved “DNZ” and commented positively, having either owned a set or having heard good things about DNZ.

Update:  I have now run the Game Reaper for about a month and report zero problems.  I have double-checked all screws a couple of times and they are tight.  Zero wiggle in either the scope or to the receiver.  The Game Reaper is highly recommended.

by:  Mike Coker


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