Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idaho has long been known for their innovative products.  On my first trip to SHOT Show I spent a lot of time in their booth.  It wasn’t long before I ordered one of their Trail-Lite barrels for my Browning Buck Mark.  Fast forward a number of years and their product lineup has expanded to include the Ascent22 and Axiom rimfire suppressors.

The Ascent22 is rated for .22LR, .22WMR, .17HRM and .17HM2.  At an MSRP of $360 it is some $80 less expensive than the heavier-duty Axiom.  Rated for semi-auto.

Tactical Solutions Ascent22

Tactical Solutions Ascent22


The TacSol Ascent22 is typical of rimfire suppressors in regards to size.  At 5.9″ in length and 1″ in diameter it is right on the mark to its competitors.  The 1″ diameter is slim enough that you don’t have to worry about installing taller tactical sights like you do on most suppressed pistols.

Where the Ascent22 does have an advantage is in weight – a mere 4.1 ounces.  By comparison the Axiom is 6 ounces.  There are lighter rimfire suppressors but not by much.

The blast baffle and thread adapter are titanium for increased toughness and longevity.  The remaining K baffles are aluminum.  The Axiom is built with all titanium baffles and therefore can handle hotter loads and full-auto.  The aluminum baffles are coated with DiamonDyze which allegedly increases durability.

Tactical Solutions Ascent22

Tactical Solutions Ascent22

Full specifications here.

An interesting design feature is the split tube design.  The can is user-serviceable and the split tube allows easy removal of the baffle stack.  This demo unit has seen quite a bit of use and abuse but the baffles could be easily removed by twisting open the split tube – all of the baffles just fell out.  I generally prefer a monocore design simply for ease of service and sure enough, one of the baffles fell out, hit a crescent wrench and went bounding off somewhere into the shop.  It took about thirty minutes of searching with a flashlight but I eventually found it.  Nevertheless, K baffles have a pleasing tone and the split tube design is a plus.

Tactical Solutions Ascent22

Tactical Solutions Ascent22

At the range.

Testing suppressors isn’t the glamorous life you might imagine especially if you don’t have a home range.  There is the trip out to the gun range, purchasing ammo, testing, taking photographs and video, editing same, and then finding the time to put words to paper.  And quite often something goes wrong along the way.  In this case, two things.  First, I only brought one rimfire, a pistol.  Normally I bring two or three hosts so that I can test on different platforms.  Second, that pistol, my trusty Buck Mark that eats everything and never needs cleaning – well, it needed cleaning.  I was able to get plenty of rounds downrange but when I went to video the gun started not ejecting spent rounds properly.  Being a one-man show trying to shoot and film at the same time presents enough problems.  Nevertheless, I was able to cobble together enough frames to demonstrate the sound reduction.

Overall, the Ascent22 performed as expected.  Because I only had the pistol host I did not conduct any point of impact shift drills.  Slight first-round pop, easily hearing safe, and I did not notice much blow-back.


When it comes to purchasing a rimfire suppressor, pretty much any of the cans from a reputable manufacturer will perform satisfactorily.  The real questions become:

  • Will you stick to .22LR or do you plan to one day step up to a more powerful rimfire?
  • Full-auto in your future?
  • Potential round count (you may want to step up to titanium if you burn through bricks).
  • Size and weight.
  • Warranty and reputation of manufacturer.
  • Price.

The Tactical Solutions Ascent22 is a viable choice for most shooters.  If you are the typical guy or girl who has a couple of .22s, shoot a brick or two per year, and want a good price from a reputable company the Ascent22 is a great choice.  Add in the fact that the Silencer Shop generally has them in stock at a street price less than MSRP and it is a winner.



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