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The El Camino rimfire  suppressor is from industry leader Kevin Brittingham’s new company Q.  TGR had the opportunity to run this outstanding new suppressor over the weekend and came away very impressed.  It is a slick, clean design that is lightweight, quiet, and accurate.

My host platforms were a Browning Buck Mark pistol and a Savage MK II FV-SR rifle.  Ammo was a variety of .22lr – mostly Remington subsonic.

Specifications & Materials:

Q El Camino
Whereas the length (5.9″) and diameter (1.0″) are fairly typical for a rimfire silencer the El Camino is exceptionally light at only 4.3 ounces.  By comparison, my Spectre II is a hefty 6.8 ounces.  It is barely noticeable hanging off the end of the pistol.

The can features a titanium tube with 17-4 stainless baffles.  A feature I appreciate is that disassembly does not require a special proprietary tool – a standard 1/2″ socket does the trick.An even lighter model with titanium baffles will be released soon.  Rumor is that the all-titanium model will weigh in at only 2.2 ounces!

Q El Camino

Q El Camino

Finish is a satin grey PVD which is a nice touch on a silencer at this price point.

Complete specs here.

At the range:

Quiet and accurate.  What more can I say?  I did not perform detailed scientific tests (really need to get a pro decibel meter) but overall impressions are very positive.  I noticed very little POI shift and the first round pop effect was negligible.

Rimfire suppressors are not known for accuracy and I was shooting mostly subsonic rounds.  Even so, I was stacking holes in the bullseye at 50 yards with the Savage rifle and ringing the self-resetting steel target ping-ping-ping-ping.Shooting the Remington subsonic .22lr through the bolt action Savage, the sound of the lead hitting target was about all you heard.  Bullet hitting dirt was way louder than the actual shot.

Q El Camino

Q El Camino

The Silencer Shop is the exclusive source for the Q El Camino.  At a price of under $400 you can’t beat it.

Q El Camino

Q El Camino

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