SIG SAUER is known for producing some of the world’s finest firearms.  Did you know they manufacturer their one line of high-quality airguns?  Using the tag, “Shoots like a SIG – because it is one” the Advanced Sport Pellet line includes both pistols and rifles modeled after some of SIG’s most popular models.  These airguns are excellent choices for training new shooters or practicing in your back yard.  SIG sent me a MPX and P250 (along with an assortment of their pellet targets) to review.


SIG offers two pellet rifles – the MPX and MCX.  Both are available as either .177 or .22 caliber.  Mine is the .177 model.  They feature a 30 round magazine.  The rifles operate off of a 90g CO2 cartridge.  Velocity of the MPX .177 is 600 fps (the MCX is at 750 fps due to the 18″ barrel).  As you would expect, velocity with the heavier .22 pellets is lower.

Rifles come standard with flip-up sights.  SIG optics include a red-dot and 1-4 scope both of which ship with standard mounts.



I have to say, this is way more fun than my old break-open single shot pellet guns.  You can really burn through a 30rd magazine very quickly.  I have run through some basic training drills in the back yard and it is fun to just step outside and get some shooting in.  Purchase a couple of spare magazines and your could really build some neat airgun stages.  Obviously it isn’t quite as exciting or challenging as working with a “real” gun under live fire but it does scratch the itch.


SIG ASP Pistols models are the P250 and P226.  The pistols are in .177 only loaded into a 16 round rotary magazine.  Velocity is around 500 fps.  12g CO2 cartridges.

Polymer frame with steel slide.  White dot sights.  Rifled steel barrel.  Available in either Black or Olive Drab Green.



I set up two targets in opposite corners of the backyards and ran some drills double-tapping one target and then swinging over to the second target.  I thought I had a holster that would fit the P250 but couldn’t immediately put my hands on it – need to dig through the drawer and find one that fits good enough.  That would provide better training opportunity.

Targets and Accessories

SIG SAUER produces a full line of SIG-branded targets, pellets, optics, and spare magazines.  They have really gone all-in.

SIG SAUER Advanced Sport Pellet Airgun Line.

If you are looking for a low-cost option to simulate training drills or to teach new shooters you should check out the new SIG airguns.  Like most of us, I started off with a BB gun, then a pellet rifle, then a .22 rifle, then centerfire.  These new high-quality, semi-automatic SIG airguns fit perfectly into that timeline for any kid coming up.  As an adult, they make great pest control and training tools.


SIG SAUER Airgun Targets

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