Consumer review: Remington 700 VSF .308 Review

I’ve had this rifle for two years. It shoots extremely well. I’m no professional and after spending some money on some quality optics and trigger this rifle is a looker. It can shoot under 1″ groups at 100yards and 2.5″ groups at 500 yards. For the price this had been very satisfying. Why spend 2k on a tatical firearm when I can get these results with a run of the mill heavy barrel. Love this gun and can’t get enough range time or my numbers would be even better.
By: Jarrod A.

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  1. Kurt Gruber says:

    Thanks for the review of your new bolt gun. There are a lot of reasons why marksmen would consider more expensive custom built guns. Just one of those reasons is that the barrels and actions on custom built guns tend to be trued, which doesn’t make that much of a difference at a relatively close range like 500 yards, but beyond 1000 makes a great difference. What you do have however is a great platform to start with. If 500 yards is the maximum range you are going to be shooting and your round counts won’t get too high it sounds like that will be a great rifle for you. If you progress there are plenty of things that you can do to that gun to make it better also, such as having a gunsmith true the action and replacing the stock with one that provides adjustment. The goal at 100 yards should be 1 ragged hole. Shoot well and enjoy.

    • cary kieffer says:

      Mr. Kurt, if you happen to see this couple of ??’s….First if I had a place to shoot past 1000 I think I’d put away the 308’s and get out a win mag…So thinking 300 winmag, Rem 700 Police (stock gun) where would you send that rifle to have this truing thing done?? I see alot of places after a google search but I dont know these guys…I sent my M1A away years ago for a new Douglas barrel and it was almost 2 years before I saw it again! Then it wouldnt function….total disaster!! I had to just about sue the guy to get it fixed. So…I would like the name of a well respected smith for some work like this on a long action remington. Maybe a restocking too while its there…I’m partial to the Bell Carlson adjustable stocks. My 300 has the H&S..which is ok but I like the grip much more on the B&C. Thanks. Cary K.

      • Kurt Gruber says:

        Where are you located Cary? Have you searched at all for any gun smiths in your area.

        As far as shooting to 1000 goes, yes 300 Win Mag is a great option. .308 is pretty solid still to this range for shooting paper or steel. High Military was won at the Texas Rifles Only match a few weeks ago by a shooter with a .308 Larue Tactical OBR against guys shooting .300 Win Mags.

        • cary kieffer says:

          Theres nobody good in my area (michigan)That I know of. A few guys that will really screw some stuff up though. One of several examples my Colt combat commander in 38 super that was turned into a full auto with a botched trigger job. I got a couple of dudes online that look pretty promising. I will probably go with one of them. Except that I just put a gunbroker bid on a 50 BMG 🙂 so maybe that rifle will just stay as is. Obviously once I get that 50 up and running range will never be an issue again. We’ll see what happens with that auction first. Thanks for the response!

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