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Red Hawk Custom Rifle: Rem. 700 ACC-SD 308 in XLR Evolution Stock.

I recently had a sale, sold off 3 older rifles and some other expensive junk that had an inch of dust on it. My plan was to buy a good Rem 700, an XLR Evolution stock and a night vision scope. I did just that. I bought a stock Remington 700 ACC-SD first and before it even got delivered I stumbled across Redhawk Custom Rifles. So two days later I bought this rifle complete just as I wanted it. It came with everything but the scope and bipod. That leaves me with the extra 700 ACC-SD but that’s ok I have a plan for that one too. Anyway let’s go over the Red Hawk Rifle.


Consumer review: Remington 700 VSF .308 Review

I’ve had this rifle for two years. It shoots extremely well. I’m no professional and after spending some money on some quality optics and trigger this rifle is a looker. It can shoot under 1″ groups at 100yards and 2.5″ groups at 500 yards. For the price this had been very satisfying. Why spend 2k on a tatical firearm when I can get these results with a run of the mill heavy barrel. Love this gun and can’t get enough range time or my numbers would be even better.
By: Jarrod A.


Remington model 700 review

I bought the Remington 700 in 223 a couple of years ago.  Based on the purchase price it seemed to be a lot of gun for the money.

After two years of shooting with the rifle, I find my first impression to be pretty much on the money.  I reload my own ammunition so I have worked up several loads for it and find it is not picky about what you use.  I was able to work up loads that were well under 1 minute of angle with sierra and hornady bullets.  With Sierra, I use the 52 grain MatchKings and with Hornady, I use the 55 grain A-max.  These loads reliably shoot into 1/4 to 1/2 minute of angle when I do my part.  This summer, I was able to reliably take prarie dogs out to 450+ yards as long as the wind cooperated.  (In Arizona that can be a problem).  I have a 4-16 power scope in it at this time.

I was a little leery the first time I took the thing down and found the recoil lug for the barrel was a thin piece of metal that was embedded in the stock and fitted into a groove cut into the barrel.  However, I have yet to find this to be a problem.  I have taken animals from prairie dog size up to large feral dogs and coyotes with this thing without problem.  If I have one complaint, it is that the trigger is not as crisp as I like in this rifle.  However, it does not detract from my shooting ability so I have done nothing to change it.  For an out of the box rifle, considering initial cost, I couldn’t be happier.

By: Geoff Keahey


Remington 700 SPS Tactical 308


Remington 700


I got a new rifle the other day, I took it on trade plus some cash for an M1 Garand that I wasn’t using and had 2 of. It’s the Remington 700 SPS Tactical. Had my first range time and here we go.