The Q Half Nelson and Full Nelson suppressors are everything you want and nothing you don’t need – titanium, direct thread, and a great price point.  Evidently Kevin Brittingham must be a big wrestling fan.  Considering the track record of Mr. Brittingham – founder of AAC and developer of the Sig Sauer suppressors – the new Q silencers created quite a buzz and they don’t disappoint.

The Half Nelson is basically a shorter version of the Full Nelson.  Both feature a fatter-than-typical 1.75″ diameter.  Both silencers are manufactured from titanium and are therefore quite light.  I am personally not a huge fan of Quick Attach systems so the direct thread appeals to me – for others it is a deal breaker (in which case Q does offer two Quickie Fast-Attach cans).

The Q Full Nelson and Q Half Nelson certainly have the coolest packaging.

Q Half Nelson Blackout

Q Half Nelson Blackout


Half Nelson Full Nelson
Calibers 7.62, 300 BLK, 300 WM 7.62, 300 BLK, 300 WM
Length 6.85″ 8.86
Diameter 1.75″ 1.75″
Weight 12.2 ounces 16.6 ounces
Attachment Direct Thread Direct Thread
Material Titanium Titanium
Full-Auto Rated Yes Yes
Decibel Reduction:
220gr 300 BLK 7″ 133db 121db
110gr 300 BLK 7″ 136db 129db
175gr 7.62 16″ 140db 130db
MSRP $868 $899

The additional volume of the Full Nelson is evident in the reduced sound signature of approximately 10 – 12 decibels – which is significant.  Everyone loves “short” but the larger suppressor is a more enjoyable shooting experience.  I frequently hunt with a 6.8 SPC SBR and run a longer silencer on it.  I have a 6″ suppressor which is awesome for maneuverability but is just brutal on a SBR.  The over-sized 1.75″ diameter design is evident when viewed beside a “standard” 1.5″ silencer:

Q Half Nelson Suppressor

Q Half Nelson Suppressor

As with most centerfire rifle suppressors, the Full Nelson and Half Nelson are not user serviceable. Instructions for cleaning are included on the enclosed card.

A thoughtful feature is not one but two flat surfaces for installing and removing the suppressor.  As a .30 caliber suppressor both versions feature the standard 5/8 – 24 thread pattern.  You can use a wrench on either front/rear or a socket on the front.

Q Half Nelson Suppressor

Flats front and rear to aid installation

Those familiar with Sig Sauer silencers will see some resemblance in the unique welding.


Q Half Nelson Suppressor

Check the Silencer Shop for current street price.  

Q Full Nelson

Q End Cap


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