PRI has been a producer of high end AR parts, mounts, uppers, forearms, etc.. for 32 years.

Most shooters that are into ARs undoubetbly are familiar with PRI’s carbon forearms. They are heavily used by compeition shooters and are standard issue on the US Military’s MK 12 SPR rifle. Reason being, they are light, built for real world abuse, block heat from the shooters hand for high round count engagements and can be setup smooth with no rails or customized in just about any configuration you like. I shoot a 6.8 a lot and will only use PRI mags.

PRI Entry Upper Specs:

  • 18″ Douglass match grade stainless barrel SPR profile
  • 5.56 Chamber
  • 1 in 8 twist
  • MSTN Comp
  • PRI Adjustable Gas block
  • PRI rifle length carbon fiber forearm
  • Upper receiver and forearm painted FDE by PRI

Testing the upper

I put the upper on one I put together, a TKS billet lower, Wilson Combat TTU 3 gun trigger and Magpul UBR stock and MIAD grip.

Optic used was a Weaver Tactical 1-5 FFP in an ADM mount.

I tested a variety of ammo:

S&B 55g 223 FMJ
PMC P193 (XM193 clone) 5.56 55g FMJ
Atlanta Arms 77g OTM 5.56
You know you have a good barrel when 3 different loads all shoot to the same point of aim and the combined 30 round group is 1.25″. Not bad with a 5x scope with a 2MOA dot! And this is with the barrel nice and hot from numerous 30 round mag dumps.

I did some more accuracy testing with the 77g OTM load from Atlanta Arms and groups were right at .5″ at 100 yards.

I tested the upper out to 500 yards on steel and ran in a 3 gun match.

Rounds were ejecting from all loads was between 3 and 4 o’clock.

I did check the adjustable gas block and got it set to where the bolt would lock back on the lightest 223 load I would be shooting. I really like an adjustable gas block on a competiion rifle in order to perfectly tune the gas system.

The MSTN comp worked extremly well and did not have nearly the concussive effective of a Titan. I really could see no difference in sight recovery times between the two.

The only issue I had was when I first got it I was getting a few failure to extracts, I could detect nothing wrong on visual inspection of the extractor. A quick call to PRI and they offered to take it back and check it over. We discussed for a bit and they offered to send me a new extractor, spring and black o ring (had the blue pill).

A few days later I swapped the parts out and tested some more, problem solved.

I ran this rifle in a 3 gun match and was very happy with it’s performance



I like companys that stand behind their products and PRI was very responsive and genuinley interested in addressing the minor issue. Gives me confidence that should a bigger issue arise they would do the same.

Made in the USA

PRI parts are made in house, nothing farmed out. Dave the owner was a pleasure to talk to on multiple occasions He certainly knows his business and I would feel 100% confident recommending PRI to anyone in the market for highend products.

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