Do you need a custom case for your guns and gear?  Look no further than  MyCaseBuilder stocks a wide selection of the best-known cases (at competitive prices) and offers their unique Photo Tracer program.  The Photo Tracer program allows you to take photos of your gear, upload the images to the design utility, trace an outline of the shape, and have a foam insert laser-cut to your specifications.

I was searching for a new high quality case to carry my typical hunting gear which consists of a 6.8 SPC short barrel rifle, HK .45 pistol, a suppressor for each, magazines, and some ammo.  My initial thought was a 36″ length Pelican.  As I began researching options I kept coming back to MyCaseBuilder.  I was familiar with the brand from seeing their booth at the big shows and their solution made a lot of sense.  This was the only way I was going to get exactly what I wanted and I was fairly certain their laser would cut way more precise shapes than I could carve out with an X-Acto knife.

Paul Russo, Director of Sales and Business Development, helped guide me through the process.  Paul suggested I go with the SKB case instead of the Pelican because of the SKB’s Trigger Release Latch System.  Good call!  I really like this latch system – secure but super-easy to use.


SKB 3I-4214-5

My first order of business was to take photos of the guns and gear I intended to put into the case.  This is where I got off track a bit and can offer some guidance.  I took photos of every item and uploaded them to the website.  I traced each item and moved them around the grid until I was fairly satisfied with the overall appearance and layout.

I uploaded photos of the specific items I usually carry because my original goal was to build a truly customized case.  For example, I included a 30 round PMAG .  The more I thought about it though, I realized this was a mistake – at least for my purposes.  Rather than a cutout specific to the 30 round PMAG I decided that I would be better off simply including a rectangular box that the PMAG would fit into snugly but would also be more accommodating of other items (flashlight, knife, ammo, whatever).  I deleted the PMAG shape and, using the Create A Shape utility, added a standard cutout and set the appropriate dimensions.  Advice #1 – carefully consider whether to upload photos versus using the Create A Shape tool.



My second piece of advice is to search through their Shape Library before starting.  Have a Glock?  Don’t waste your time with the upload process – just choose a shape from the Shape Library.  Turns out the MyCaseBuilder Shape Library already has a standard shape for my Heckler & Koch 45 Compact and I could have saved myself some effort.

My last recommendation is to add finger notches to each shape.  This really makes removing items easier and you can place the finger notches wherever you want.



I ultimately went with the SKB 3I-4214-5 Rifle Case.  Although I initially intended to go with the 36″ version (to keep it as light and compact as possible) the extra 6″ afforded me room for two extra cutouts which will come in handy.  The SKB case is waterproof and dust resistant.  A pressure equalization valve is standard.  It is easy to pull with the retractable handle and wheels.  Trigger Release Latches.  And, I might add that it looks fantastic in Desert Tan.

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