“The most effective muzzle brake I have experienced to date.”

By: Chad L.

I met Brandon Miller, proprietor of Miller Precision, this summer while attending a few NRA summer gunsmithing courses at Murray State College. He was then the NRA coordinator and is a super nice and very skilled gunsmith/designer that is willing to share his knowledge and expertise. One of the things he told me about a was a new muzzle brake he was working on, and I have to admit I didn’t understand his enthusiasm when he was telling me about it, but that changed when we went to the range.

Upon an immediate glance, I noticed it was similar to the SJC titan, but had 2 ports instead of 3 on each side; however upon closer inspection, I noticed the ports are not just milled or drilled in from the side or at an angle, it looked as if a negative mold of an egg-shape was taken inside of it. The design was deiliberate, a lot of engineering time studying fluid dynamces and shockwaves went into this.  So at the end of the week, as a treat to the class, they take us to the shooting range and I made sure to ask if he brought the muzzle break on a rig.

He smiled and handed me one of his rigs with a mag and I chambered a round and gave the old “Going hot”. You could hear giggles as I leaned into it, thinking I was going to be cool and stand like I was ready for fast follow up shots. And then something interesting happened. I squeezed the trigger and there was just this  impulse of energy that doesn’t really move the gun or vibrate it. You just feel the comp work.

So I squeezed off two rounds as fast as I could on a target about 75 yards away and the reticle did not move. I mean, NOT AT ALL.  When I say there is no recoil, I mean.. there is NO recoil, you just feel an impules of energy in the gun and a slight shockwave at and end of the barrel when the “Hammerhead” (named for it’s wide flat shape) does it’s magic. Here is a video example: Brandon shooting his Hammerhead muzzle brake


Her is a link to the manufacturers site: http://www.millerprecisionarms.com/html/products.html

I would love to gather some comps and do a side-by-side shootout using slow-motion video and an accelerometer with some way to remotely actuate the trigger to show just how effective this is. So if anyone is willing to volunteer their time or expertise here, or even loan us muzzle brakes you want tested, please contact me.




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