McGlock Precision Components LLC McNally Trigger assembly.
A review by Sr. Staff Writer “Chad L.”
As you can probably tell from my long-standing moniker I am a Glock fan-boy. Have been since the 1st time my uncle was issued one with the his police department when I was in high-school, and on the day of my 21st birthday, I got my 1st one, a Glock 19, 1st gen. That was twenty years ago and Glocks have continued to dominate in law enforcement, as well as home-defense and recreational shooting intended use sales. But now with the addition of the Glock 34 and 35, many competitive shooters have started using them.
But as perfect of a design that the Glock may have been, the trigger has always been a bit lacking for most shooters. For single slow aimed fire, I was always able to take up the Glock’s heavy take-up pull, and then finalize the aim and let it “break” over. It was just how I taught myself how to do it which is great for slow fire, but not in a match where you are trying to put 2 on a target as fast as possible, and this is why I always defaulted back to one of my custom 1911’s for competition  it was just to tough of a proposition for me to give up the short reset and lighter trigger engagement of a custom built 1911.
Enter The McNally Trigger.
This changes everything for me. Not only is a complete drop-in, but you can fully adjust it for over-travel and return travel. It also incorporates a very comfortable smooth flat and wide trigger shoe – which I did not think I would like as much as I did.
In short, what you get are the following benefits:
  1. The trigger doesn’t travel as far, as a traditional Glock trigger does, which causes you to pull of target at the critical moment that the striker has been released.
  2. It is lighter, which is paramount to an accurate firearm.
  3. The reset is shorter, which makes it feel more like a 1911’s short reset, which cut my follow up shot time considerably over the traditional glock setup that I’ve used for decades.
  4. It is much more comfortable, and allows me to put more of my finger tip evenly across the trigger shoe.
  5. Safety is not compromised in any way as you lose none of the integrated Glock “safe action” mechanisms.
I started to make a video of installing it an adjusting it, but decided that would be crazy when John himself does such a great job of this on his website, so please check it out here.
I highly recommend this and encourage you to support John, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the precision 3 gun match a few months ago. He’s a really nice guy and champion shooter, along with his father and brother, so he knows the importance of a good trigger and now he has brought that to us for what I think may be the most superb pistol design of all time.
Thanks for your time, and please give one a try and tell them GlockandRoll from TGR sent you!
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