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The Magpul MOE Stock is one of the best upgrades for the AR-15 platform. Strength is unbeatable, it looks dang attractive, and the comfort felt shooting it is unmatched. This is one of the best stocks I have ever used on any AR.

I recently purchased this stock in the Mil-Spec Dark Earth variation, as I am building a two-tone AR-15, and was extremely excited to put this on my carbine, but I ran into one problem. It wouldn’t fit! Meaning, the stock wouldn’t even go half an inch down the buffer tube without getting stuck. I assumed that I ordered a Commercial stock rather than a Mil-Spec, so I decided to whip out my caliper to see. To my surprise the stock and the buffer tube were both Mil-Spec diameter (1.148″) So what was causing the ridiculous amount of friction?


I decided that it was the stock and not the buffer tube causing the problem because I had a stock on previous to the MOE. I was right. I noticed lots of wear on the bottom lip of the stock and decided to sand that out until no more wear was evident. Still wouldn’t fit. Now that’s weird. I compared the MOE with my other stock and looked down the front of the MOE. I noticed two extra contact points on either side that weren’t on my factory stock. Sure enough, lots of wear. Sand, sand, sand. After that was sanded down, it worked like a champ!

It was easy to collapse, extend, and use after. It feels extremely comfortable in the shoulder of the shooter and doesn’t look that bad either. 5/5 in my book for a great stock and quick fix.

Despite the odd sanding and extra work, this stock is well worth the time and money. I believe the problem I had was due to a factory defect because I haven’t heard a problem like it before. If anyone reads this thinking, ‘The work is not worth it’ or ‘He had a commercial stock’ Guess again. Magpul is a reliable company that I will have no problems buying from in the future.


By: Michael Reyneke

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