The Magpul MOE handguard is a great low-cost, low-weight customizable solution for the AR-15 owner who wants a more ergonomic handguard than the standard round or oval M4/M16 handguards. They come in three lengths, carbine-length (most common), mid-length and rifle-length. Magpul makes several accessories and kits specifically designed for MOE handguards, including a vertical foregrip, rail sections and an illumination kit, countaining two short rail sections and two types of mounting panels for Surefire=style pressure switches.

The MOE Handguard is designed to be installed on direct-impingement standard configuration AR-15’s with a front sight base, and weigh just 0.39 lbs. They utilize the mil-spec handguard cap and delta ring assembly, so they are a drop-in replacement for mil-spec handguards and can be installed by the end-user and no special tools are necessary (although a handguard removal tool makes it much easier on your hands).

MOE Handguards are designed with extensions on the front sides and a lip on the bottom front of the handguard to help protect the user’s hand from the hot front sight base. Any shooter who has accidentally extended their hand onto a hot FSB will appreciate this detail. I have tested these handguards in several configurations, and they provide a sturdy, comfortable base for mounting foregrips, lights, lasers, etc. without the considerable weight that an aluminum forearm adds. There are more appropriate rail systems for professionals in law enforcement, military, contracting or competition, but for users who don’t require a free-float forearm it’s hard to go past the Magpul MOE handguard for value and quality.

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