If you wear a plate carrier, body armor or a tactical vest with a shoulder clip, this product should catch your eye. Gear Sector, a registered contractor for the US Department of Defense, is based out of Portage, IN. They are known for their weapon light mounts, hand stops and slings. Their reputation for excellence is well deserved.

Who Should Be Interested

          The QD Sling Adapter is designed to connect a QD-socket on a stock to any vest with a buckle. If you’ve got a Spartan II armor carrier, sit up and pay attention. Stocks such as the Vltor IMOD, Vltor EMOD B5 SOPMOD, Troy Battle Axe CQB and the Magpul ACS, STR, UBR and CTR will all accept this QD sling attachment.

Why You Want It

          This sling adapter connects your carbine’s stock to your shoulder. It keeps the butt of your gun right there, ready to be brought up to a firing position. Single point slings that let your carbine dangle are fine, unless you don’t like getting banged in the knees by your barrel. Two point slings are good for carrying a long-arm, but aren’t as quick to bring the weapon up. And in my opinion, three point slings are too busy and too easy to get tangled, especially if you are wearing an armor carrier or chest rig.

          The Gear Sector QD Adapter is better than any of them. It keeps your carbine at the ready while at the same time keeping it high enough that it won’t smash your kneecaps – unless you’re sitting in a bumpy vehicle. At the same time, the body armor carrier spreads the weight of your carbine out better than any sling can hope to.

          My Spartan II armor carrier is designed to spread out a heavy load. When I wore it in Iraq, I had a pair of 8lbs steel rifle plates in it, as well as level IIIA Kevlar inserts.  The rig was heavy; heavier in fact than the Interceptor body armor issued to me the first year I was in Iraq. Yet, it was much more comfortable than the Army-issue gear. The secret to the Spartan II is the cumberbund that wraps around your waist . This helps to distribute the load to your hips instead of simply dumping all the weight on your shoulders, as the Interceptor does. The Spartan absorbs and distributes my 9lbs carbine’s weight like it was nothing.

          Of course, this would all be worthless if the Gear Sector Sling Adapter broke and my weapon fell to the ground. Not to worry, though. It hasn’t failed me yet. No matter the bouncing, tugging or torque I put on it, the connection remains steady. I’ve even clipped a heavy 12-pound Recce rifle to my vest using the Gear Sector and the result is the same: absolute reliability.

Go Buy the Damn Thing
Enough said.

By Allen Cosby


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53GR is an avid shooter, hiker and tinkerer. Introduced to guns at an early age, the hobby became a passion in his early twenties. After two years in Iraq as a contractor for a defense company, he developed an unhealthy addiction to military surplus gear. Though he's currently in treatment, the prognosis is that the condition is chronic.

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