The ugly situation at EOTech is now well-documented. EOTech and their parent company L3 Communications are in a tough spot of their own making. The company settled a fraud suit brought by the feds for $25.6 million. The primary complaint was thermal drift whereby the zero position may shift during changes in ambient temperatures. Imagine your life on the line and wondering if your zero is true….

I have an EOTech 512 that I bought in 2009. I had stopped using it primarily because I just prefer Aimpoint (and the new Trijicon MRO) but also because the unit was experiencing some deterioration in the battery compartment and a fading of the reticle (not getting as bright as it did when new). I assumed the two were related and intended to send it for repair.


The wave of bad press had me wondering if I should just junk it. I certainly did not want to sell it to someone else considering it was damaged goods. Even if repaired I wouldn’t feel good about selling someone a defensive tool that might be drift off zero by 4 MOA.

When news of the consumer refund broke the direction was clear. I completed the EOTech Return Authorization Request entering a refund request amount of $399. I keep all my receipts for guns and optics and still had the original receipt so I knew the exact price. The refund requirements are not clearly identified anywhere that I found so I wasn’t sure whether or not mine would be approved. Less than one hour later I received the following email (below).

It will be curious to see how much this fiasco hurts EOTech. Start off with a $25.6 million settlement, add in all of the consumer refunds, plus the expected drop in sales and the cost must be staggering.

I do have to commend them for standing up, admitting fault, and fixing it. It isn’t being knocked down, it is how you get up. Hmm, $399 will cover two NFA stamps….

Dear Customer,

Your refund request has been received and approved.   Please follow the instructions below for returning your optic and obtaining a refund.        

Due to Shipping regulations please remove and discard all batteries prior to shipping

MPO and HHS product must include both components

EOTech will add 15.00 return shipping on to your refund amount.  We will process your refund request as soon as possible.

Refund Checklist

In order to process your refund we must have included in the return:

  1. This email authorization printed and enclosed
  2. Your printed Refund Request enclosed
  3. Your matching HWS product enclosed 

 Please Mark and Ship your product to:


1201 E Ellsworth Rd       

Ann Arbor MI  48108          

(Save your USPS tracking information to serve as proof of arrival while your refund is being processed)


Customer Service- Refund

EoTechan L- 3 Communications Company

Website Address:



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