Testing the CZ 75 single action – The staff at Tactical Gun Review ask me to evaluate the CZ 75 9mm which I was more than willing to do.

First impression was WOW! what a classy piece of artillery, fit and finish impeccable!  Out to the range with a varied assortment of ammo, all of which it gobbled up like a starving hog.  Not a single misfire nor ejection problem of any kind!!!!

While it is easy to knock something you find not up to your expectations it is hard to find the words to describe perfection. You simply need to try one to fall in love.

Accuracy from 25 yards with a 2 hand grip and an old sand-bag for support was amazing, 10 shots in a 6” bull.  Next 3 shots in a 2” bull with the same old sand-bag for support.  The sights are dead on with a normal hold right out of the box.

Consider that the shooter is a 78 year old has-been makes this even more of a wow on the part of the CZ.

Tactical Gun Review ordered the 22 caliber upper (CZ75 Kadet) and a pair of wood grips, which I installed with ease. This is a great setup as it allows very economical practice with the same frame and trigger pull as the 9mm. The look is awsome and it shoots like a dream.

Minor personal complaint, the magazine is limited to 10 rounds with the Kadet Upper, which I burned up fast.

The 22 Upper has adjustable sights – also dead on out of the box.

Tactical Gun Review will be able to get this pistol back for more testing and input but it now belongs to me. So get one for yourself…

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Publisher of Tactical Gun Review. Managing partner of Coker Tactical. I love hunting for Texas whitetail deer, wild hogs, and high-volume Argentina dove. When not hunting you can find me fishing along the Texas Coast or on a wild Colorado river.
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