The Sightmark Sureshot is a great budget optic for all most anything. From hunting to speed shooting to plinking, the Sureshot is light, strong, easy to use, and rather cheap. I know that most people are very skeptical of a sight like this thinking to it will break when it’s used or it won’t hold zero. That is not the case; it holds zero and I haven’t put a scratch in it yet.

I’ll admit that I too was very skeptical about this optic thinking that it couldn’t even hold zero with a .223. This was intially intended for the Ruger .22, but I changed my mind. I put it on my AR and tested it out. It held zero and worked so well that I put it on my SKS and it worked just as well. Constantly stayed on target with every round.

The sight has a very clear picture and has an anti-fog lens which makes it nice for speed and clarity. The multi-reticle function is a plus because you can change to a different reticle with one click, for different distances or for just being tacticool. Everyone loves the tacticool.


(Left to Right: 3 MOA dot, 10 MOA dot crosshair, crosshair and 65 MOA circle with 3 MOA dot)

Overall, having this sight for about a year, I think it is well worth the $40 you pay for it. I would give it a 4/5 because the battery life isn’t all that great, but I have no complaints besides that. This reflex sight provides a fantastic two-eyes-open experience.



By: Michael Reyneke

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Michael is an avid shooter who reviews hunting, survival, and tactical gear for Tactical Gun Review.

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