ProMag has made a 40 round magazine for those shooters who don’t like fixed magazines. To use this magazine, one has to remove the stock from everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to get at the magazine. After the magazine is removed and the shooting components are back in place, the shooter can then use removable magazines with no hassle. 

I really enjoyed the ProMag SKS magazine on the range, and to have 40 rounds instead of 10 was a dream. The only problem is that it would miss fed every now and again. I found out that you could only load 20 rounds into the magazine. Any more and it would try to double feed.

I decided to put the factory magazine back in because the gun was off balance and was awkward to use with the ProMag SKS Magazine. The magazine sticks out pretty far, enough to irritate the shooters support hand. I would give the ProMag a 3/5 overall, if it fed properly at the 30 round mark, then it would probably still be on. Overall, I enjoy the factory magazine much better because my rifle is lighter and I have stripper clips:)

By: Michael Reyneke

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Michael is an avid shooter who reviews hunting, survival, and tactical gear for Tactical Gun Review.

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